Meaning of PROTECTION in English


I. prəˈtekshən noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English proteccioun, from Middle French protection, from Late Latin protection-, protectio, from Latin protectus (past participle of protegere to protect) + -ion-, -io -ion

1. : a writing that protects or secures from molestation or arrest : passport , safe-conduct

2. : the act of protecting : the state or fact of being protected : shelter from danger or harm

a sense of protection and security in the life of his home — Archibald Marshall

huddled in the lee of the rock, trying to get a little protection from the wind — H.D.Quillin


a. : one that protects

an umbrella is protection in a sudden shower

b. : the oversight or support usually of one that is smaller and weaker

government protection for small business

her brother's protection was very welcome on the way home from school


a. : the freeing of the producers of a country from foreign competition in their home market by the imposition of high duties, quantitative trade controls, or exchange controls to restrict the importation of goods of foreign origin

b. : the theory, policy, or system favoring or practicing the imposition of such controls — compare american system , free trade


a. : immunity from prosecution obtained by some criminal classes (as proprietors of gambling houses) through bribes to officials or political bosses

b. : money paid to racketeers under threat of depredation

sold protection to everyone from the proprietors of the neighborhood delicatessens to the owners of the town's plushiest clubs — Polly Adler

6. : coverage 2c

7. : a plant-disease control measure in which a protectant is used

II. noun

: anchoring equipment placed in cracks for safety while rock climbing

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