Meaning of ROOM in English


(~s, ~ing, ~ed)

Frequency: The word is one of the 700 most common words in English.


A ~ is one of the separate sections or parts of the inside of a building. Rooms have their own walls, ceilings, floors, and doors, and are usually used for particular activities. You can refer to all the people who are in a ~ as the ~.

A minute later he excused himself and left the ~...

The whole ~ roared with laughter.



If you talk about your ~, you are referring to the ~ that you alone use, especially your bed~ at home or your office at work.

If you’re running upstairs, go to my ~ and bring down my sweater, please.

N-COUNT: poss N


A ~ is a bed~ in a hotel.

Toni booked a ~ in an hotel not far from Arzfeld.



If you ~ with someone, you share a rented ~, apartment, or house with them, for example when you are a student. (AM)

I had ~ed with him in New Haven when we were both at Yale Law School.

VERB: V with n, also V together


If there is ~ somewhere, there is enough empty space there for people or things to be fitted in, or for people to move freely or do what they want to.

There is usually ~ to accommodate up to 80 visitors...


see also leg ~ , standing ~


If there is ~ for a particular kind of behaviour or action, people are able to behave in that way or to take that action.

The intensity of the work left little ~ for personal grief or anxiety...

N-UNCOUNT: usu N for n


If you have ~ for manoeuvre, you have the opportunity to change your plans if it becomes necessary or desirable.

With an election looming, he has little ~ for manoeuvre.

PHRASE: PHR after v, poss PHR, with PHR


to give something house~: see house~

see also changing ~ , chat ~ , common ~ , consulting ~ , dining ~ , drawing ~ , dressing ~ , elbow ~ , emergency ~ , ladies’ ~ , leg ~ , living ~ , locker ~ , men’s ~ , morning ~ , powder ~ , reading ~ , reception ~ , rest ~ , spare ~ , standing ~

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