Meaning of BOMB in English


n. & v.

n. 1 a a container with explosive, incendiary material, smoke, or gas etc., designed to explode on impact or by means of a time-mechanism or remote-control device. b an ordinary object fitted with an explosive device (letter-bomb). 2 (prec. by the) the atomic or hydrogen bomb considered as a weapon with supreme destructive power. 3 Brit. sl. a large sum of money (cost a bomb). 4 a mass of solidified lava thrown from a volcano. 5 US colloq. a bad failure (esp. a theatrical one). 6 sl. a drugged cigarette. 7 Med. = radium bomb.

v. 1 tr. attack with bombs; drop bombs on. 2 tr. (foll. by out) drive (a person etc.) out of a building or refuge by using bombs. 3 intr. throw or drop bombs. 4 intr. esp. US sl. fail badly. 5 intr. colloq. (usu. foll. by along, off) move or go very quickly. 6 tr. US sl. criticize fiercely. bomb-bay a compartment in an aircraft used to hold bombs. bomb-disposal the defusing or removal and detonation of an unexploded bomb. bomb-sight a device in an aircraft for aiming bombs. bomb-site an area where buildings have been destroyed by bombs. go down a bomb colloq., often iron. be very well received. like a bomb Brit. colloq. 1 often iron. very successfully. 2 very fast.

[ F bombe f. It. bomba f. L bombus f. Gk bombos hum ]

Concise Oxford English dictionary.      Краткий оксфордский словарь английского языка.