Meaning of BOMB in English


n. 25B6; noun

bombs burst on the runway. : See list.

the world has lived with the bomb : NUCLEAR WEAPONS, nuclear bombs, atom bombs, A-bombs.

(Brit. informal) a new superstore will cost a bomb. : See fortune sense 5.

25B6; verb

their headquarters were bombed : BOMBARD, blast, shell, blitz, strafe, pound; attack, assault; blow up, destroy, demolish, flatten, devastate.

(Brit. informal) she bombed across Texas. : See speed verb sense 1.

(informal) the film bombed at the box office. : See fail sense 1.

Bombs and Mines

See also explosive , projectile . laser-guided bomb

A-bomb letter bomb

acoustic mine limpet mine

atom/atomic bomb magnetic mine

Bangalore torpedo Mills bomb

blockbuster mine

car bomb missile

cluster bomb Molotov cocktail

daisy-cutter napalm bomb

depth charge neutron bomb

doodlebug nuclear bomb/device

firebomb parcel bomb

flying bomb petard

fragmentation bomb petrol bomb

fuel-air bomb shell

fusion bomb smart bomb

gas shell smoke bomb

gelignite stick grenade

grenade thermonuclear bomb/device

hand grenade time bomb

H-bomb torpedo

hydrogen bomb vacuum bomb

incendiary bomb V-1

JDAM (joint direct attack munition) V-2


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