Meaning of BOMB in English


I. ˈbäm; sometimes especially South and chiefly archaic ˈbəm noun

( -s )

Etymology: French bombe, from Italian bomba, probably from Latin bombus deep hollow sound, from Greek bombos; of imitative origin like Old Norse bumba drum, Lithuanian bambėti to hum, buzz, Albanian bumbulit it is thundering

1. : a projectile or other device carrying an explosive charge fused to detonate under certain conditions (as upon impact or through a timing contrivance) and that is hurled (as by a mortar), dropped (as from an aircraft), or merely set into position at a given point (as dynamite) with varying effects (as concussion, or fire-flinging, or the release of gases) depending upon the type used

spangle bombs for fireworks displays

also : any container (as of propaganda leaflets or food) designed to be dropped from aircraft in the manner of an aerial bomb

2. : a vessel (as a steel cylinder) for compressed gases: as

a. : a pressure vessel for conducting chemical experiments at high temperature and high pressure

b. : a small manually operated dispenser that releases a substance stored under pressure (as an insecticide, a fire-extinguishing liquid, or paint) in the form of a vapor, spray, or gas

3. : the combustion chamber of a bomb calorimeter

4. : a mass of lava exploded from a volcanic vent and shaped while viscous by passage through the air into a rounded form ranging from a few inches to many feet in diameter

5. : an explosive head on a harpoon

6. : bombe

7. : a lead-lined container for radioactive material used especially in the radiation treatment of cancer

a cobalt bomb

8. : bombshell 2

II. transitive verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

: to attack with or as if with bombs : drop bombs upon : hurl bombs at : blow up with bombs : bombard

III. noun

1. sometimes capitalized : atom bomb ; also : nuclear weapons in general — usually used with the

when the bomb has taken the place of God … as the ultimate disposer of the earth — H.C.Schonberg

2. : an unsuccessful performance or production : flop

a terrible bomb of a movie — Paul Newman

broadly : failure

3. chiefly Britain : an old car

4. Britain : a lot of money : fortune

demonstrating how to avoid the flu and save a bomb on the central heating — Richard Gordon

5. Britain : a great success : hit — often used in the phrases go a bomb or go like a bomb

6. : a long pass in football

IV. verb

intransitive verb

1. : fail ; especially : to fail to win audience approval

2. slang : to move rapidly

realized that there was more to [ski] racing than bombing down her native hill — Adam Shaw

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