Meaning of GAME in English

n., adj., & v.

n. 1 a form or spell of play or sport, esp. a competitive one played according to rules and decided by skill, strength, or luck. 2 a single portion of play forming a scoring unit in some contests, e.g. bridge or tennis. 3 (in pl.) a athletics or sports as organized in a school etc. b a meeting for athletic etc. contests (Olympic Games). 4 a winning score in a game; the state of the score in a game (the game is two all). 5 the equipment for a game. 6 one's level of achievement in a game, as specified (played a good game). 7 a a piece of fun; a jest (was only playing a game with you). b (in pl.) dodges, tricks (none of your games!). 8 a scheme or undertaking etc. regarded as a game (so that's your game). 9 a policy or line of action. 10 (collect.) a wild animals or birds hunted for sport or food. b the flesh of these. 11 a hunted animal; a quarry or object of pursuit or attack. 12 a kept flock of swans.

adj. 1 spirited; eager and willing. 2 (foll. by for, or to + infin.) having the spirit or energy; eagerly prepared.

v.intr. play at games of chance for money; gamble. the game is up the scheme is revealed or foiled. game plan esp. US 1 a winning strategy worked out in advance for a particular match. 2 a plan of campaign, esp. in politics. game point Tennis etc. a point which, if won, would win the game. game (or games) theory the mathematical analysis of conflict in war, economics, games of skill, etc. game-warden an official locally supervising game and hunting. gaming-house a place frequented for gambling; a casino. gaming-table a table used for gambling. make game (or a game) of mock, taunt. off (or on) one's game playing badly (or well). on the game Brit. sl. involved in prostitution or thieving. play the game behave fairly or according to the rules. gamely adv. gameness n. gamester n.

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