Meaning of GAME in English

n. 25B6; noun

the children invented a new game : PASTIME, diversion, entertainment, amusement, distraction, divertissement, recreation, sport, activity. See list.

the club haven't lost a game all season : MATCH, contest, fixture, tie, tournament; cup tie, final, cup final, play-off.

we were only playing a game on him : PRACTICAL JOKE, prank, jest, trick, hoax; informal lark.

he's in the banking game : BUSINESS, profession, occupation, trade, industry, line, line of work/business; informal racket.

I spoiled his little game : SCHEME, plot, ploy, stratagem, strategy, gambit, cunning plan, tactics; trick, device, manoeuvre, wile, dodge, ruse, machination, contrivance, subterfuge; informal scam; Brit. informal wheeze; archaic shift.

he hunted game in Africa : WILD ANIMALS, wild fowl, big game. See list.

25B6; adjective

they weren't game enough to join in : BRAVE, courageous, plucky, bold, daring, intrepid, valiant, stout-hearted, mettlesome; fearless, dauntless, undaunted, unflinching; informal gutsy, spunky.

I need a bit of help—are you game? : WILLING, prepared, ready, disposed, of a mind; eager, keen, enthusiastic.

25B6; verb they were drinking and gaming all evening : GAMBLE, bet, place/lay bets.


See also ball 1 game, board game , card , sport . kabaddi

Aunt Sally keno

bagatelle liar dice

bingo mah-jong

Botticelli matador

British bulldog MUD

bumble-puppy mumblety-peg

charades nim

chicken pachinko

chuck-a-luck Pac-Man (trademark)

computer game paintball

consequences panel game

crambo parlour game

craps pinball

crown and anchor pitch-and-toss

darts poker dice

deck quoits pool

deck tennis quoits

diabolo roulette

dice round game

dodgeball shove-halfpenny

dominoes shovelboard

dreidel spillikins

ducks and drakes spin the bottle

dumb crambo Subbuteo (trademark)

dungeons and dragons swy

fan-tan table football

fantasy football thimblerig

fivestones tiddlywinks

forfeits tipcat

frisbee (trademark) trapball

hazard treasure hunt

housey-housey Trivial Pursuit (trademark)

jacks tug of war

jackstraws twenty questions

jukskei two-up

Children's Games

battleships musical bumps

blind man's buff musical chairs

catch noughts and crosses

cat's cradle pass the parcel

conkers pat-a-cake

cops and robbers peekaboo

Chinese whispers peever

follow-my-leader piggy in the middle

grandmother's footsteps Poohsticks

hangman postman's knock

hide-and-seek prisoner's base

hoopla ring-a-ring o' roses

hopscotch sardines

hunt the slipper Simon Says

I spy statues

it tag

King of the Castle taw

leapfrog tick-tack-toe

lotto tig

marbles tok-tokkie

murder in the dark

Game Birds

black grouse pheasant

bobwhite (quail) ptarmigan

capercaillie quail

duck red grouse

francolin ruffed grouse

golden pheasant ringneck pheasant

goose sage grouse

grouse turkey

guineafowl waterfowl

hazel grouse wildfowl

moorfowl willow grouse

partridge woodcock

peafowl woodgrouse

Concise Oxford thesaurus English vocabulary.      Краткий оксфордский словарь английского языка тезаурус.