Meaning of GAME in English


1. an activity played by rules that you do for enjoyment

2. an occasion when people compete against each other in a game

3. to play a game

4. someone who plays a game

5. when children play games


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1. an activity played by rules that you do for enjoyment

▷ game /geɪm/ [countable noun]

an activity that you do for enjoyment, and that you play according to a set of rules :

▪ Chess is such a difficult game.

▪ Have you ever played Mah Jong? It’s a Chinese game.

▪ The women set up bingo games and bake sales to raise money for the charity.

the game of football/basketball/tennis

▪ The game of golf was invented in Scotland.

▪ Chadwick suggested that baseball evolved from the English game of rounders.

the national game

the most popular game in a country

▪ In Wales, rugby is the national game.

computer game

▪ About 7 million households have people who play computer games.

▪ ‘Psychic Detective’ is a CD-ROM computer game from Electronic Arts Studios.

card game

a game you play using a set of playing cards

▪ I’m not very good at card games.

▪ Harvey has devised a Spanish-English language card game.

board game

a game played on a board with pieces of wood, plastic etc that you move around

▪ board games like Monopoly and Ludo

2. an occasion when people compete against each other in a game

▷ game /geɪm/ [countable noun]

an occasion when two people or two teams compete against each other in a game or sport :

▪ Sharpe had injured a knee in a football game a few weeks earlier

a game of chess/soccer/darts etc

▪ Would you be up for a game of darts at the local pub?

▪ We played three games of checkers, and she beat me every time.

best/worst/first etc game of the season

▪ We were able to get seats for the last game of the season.

▷ match /mætʃ/ [countable noun]

an occasion when two people or teams compete against each other in a sport or game - used especially about soccer, rugby, cricket, tennis, or chess :

▪ Chess experts expected Kadparov to win the next match.

football/cricket/boxing etc match

▪ A cricket match was in progress on the school sports field.

▪ Keith sprained his wrist in a wrestling match.

▷ event /ɪˈvent/ [countable noun]

a match or competition, especially one that is important and is attended by a lot of people :

▪ Tomorrow’s match against Portugal is expected to be the big event of the season.

sporting event

▪ John rarely misses a sporting event in his town.

▪ Wimbledon is one of Britain’s great sporting events.

3. to play a game

▷ play /pleɪ/ [intransitive/transitive verb]

▪ I used to play tennis all the time.

▪ Do you know how to play backgammon?

▪ Ask Alex if he wants to play.

play for somebody

▪ Sweet Lou played for the Detroit Tigers.

play somebody/play against somebody

▪ ‘They played well against us,’ Cooper said, ‘I have to give them credit.’

▷ give somebody a game /ˌgɪv somebody ə ˈgeɪm/ [noun phrase] British

to play a game against someone, especially when it is not a serious or important game :

▪ I’ll give you a game of chess if you want.

▪ No one wants to give him a game because he’s too good.

4. someone who plays a game

▷ player /ˈpleɪəʳ/ [countable noun]

▪ a game for four players

▪ Rodriguez was voted Player of the Year.

good player

good at playing a game

▪ I like chess, even though I’m not a very good player.

▪ Wikerson is not as good a player as Phillips.

▷ opponent /əˈpəʊnənt/ [countable noun]

someone who plays against another person in a game :

▪ Brownlee regards Reaney as his most difficult opponent.

▪ My opponent was much older than I was.

▷ team /tiːm/ [countable noun]

a group of people who play against another group in a game :

▪ You’re the best person on the team.

▪ Pub quiz teams often have really silly names.

team captain/manager etc

▪ Nasser Hussain, the England team captain, was injured in the game against the West Indies.

5. when children play games

▷ play /pleɪ/ [intransitive/transitive verb]

if children play, they do things they enjoy, either together in a group, or with their toys :

▪ This is the schoolground where we played as children.

▪ We played card games and hide-and-seek.

play with

▪ Ian was upstairs playing with his new train set.

▪ Jimmy was playing with a little boat in the bathtub.

play at something

British play a game in which you pretend to be someone

▪ We used to play at cops and robbers.

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