Meaning of GAME in English

n. 1 amusement, pastime, diversion, distraction, recreation, play; sport She regards love as just a game 2 contest, competition, meeting or US also meet, tournament or US also tourney, match, encounter, engagement, event, round; regatta Would you like to see a football game? The games are held annually 3 scheme, plan, plot, design, stratagem, strategy, tactic, artifice, trick, device(s), ploy Aha! I am on to your little game! 4 occupation, line (of work), job, position, field, business, trade, profession, Slang racket She is in the advertising game 5 quarry, prey; victim, target Game has been plentiful this year, especially pheasant and quail He is fair game for any unscrupulous swindler. 6 play games. dissemble, dissimulate, be deceitful or underhand, misrepresent, pretend, practise deceit or deception, fake, feign She wasn't serious about selling, she was just playing games

adj. 7 ready, willing, prepared; plucky or spirited or daring or adventurous enough She's game for anything I'm sure she'll jump at the chance of scuba-diving lessons 8 plucky, spirited, high-spirited, daring, devil-may-care, adventurous, unflinching, courageous, brave, bold, heroic, Colloq nervy, gutsy Entering the cave to rescue the dog was a game thing for him to do

v. 9 gamble He has taken up gaming as a hobby

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