Meaning of LEFT in English

adj., adv., & n. (opp. RIGHT).

adj. 1 on or towards the side of the human body which corresponds to the position of west if one regards oneself as facing north. 2 on or towards the part of an object which is analogous to a person's left side or (with opposite sense) which is nearer to an observer's left hand. 3 (also Left) Polit. of the Left.

adv. on or to the left side.

n. 1 the left-hand part or region or direction. 2 Boxing a the left hand. b a blow with this. 3 a (often Left) Polit. a group or section favouring radical socialism (orig. the more radical section of a continental legislature, seated on the president's left); such radicals collectively. b the more advanced or innovative section of any group. 4 the side of a stage which is to the left of a person facing the audience. 5 (esp. in marching) the left foot. 6 the left wing of an army. have two left feet be clumsy. left and right = right and left. left bank the bank of a river on the left facing downstream. left bower see BOWER(3). left field Baseball the part of the outfield to the left of the batter as he or she faces the pitcher. left hand 1 the hand of the left side. 2 (usu. prec. by at, on, to) the region or direction on the left side of a person. left-hand adj. 1 on or towards the left side of a person or thing (left-hand drive). 2 done with the left hand (left-hand blow). 3 a (of rope) twisted counter-clockwise. b (of a screw) = LEFT-HANDED. left turn a turn that brings one's front to face as one's left side did before. left wing 1 the radical or socialist section of a political party. 2 the left side of a football etc. team on the field. 3 the left side of an army. left-wing adj. socialist, radical. left-winger a person on the left wing. marry with the left hand marry morganatically (see LEFT-HANDED). leftish adj.

[ ME lft, lift, left, f. OE, orig. sense 'weak, worthless' ]

Concise Oxford English dictionary.      Краткий оксфордский словарь английского языка.