Meaning of STORM in English

n. & v.

n. 1 a violent disturbance of the atmosphere with strong winds and usu. with thunder and rain or snow etc. 2 Meteorol. a wind intermediate between gale and hurricane, esp. (on the Beaufort scale) of 55-72 m.p.h. 3 a violent disturbance of the established order in human affairs. 4 (foll. by of) a a violent shower of missiles or blows. b an outbreak of applause, indignation, hisses, etc. (they were greeted by a storm of abuse). 5 a a direct assault by troops on a fortified place. b the capture of a place by such an assault.

v. 1 intr. (often foll. by at, away) talk violently, rage, bluster. 2 intr. (usu. foll. by in, out of, etc.) move violently or angrily (stormed out of the meeting). 3 tr. attack or capture by storm. 4 intr. (of wind, rain, etc.) rage; be violent. storm-bird = storm petrel. storm centre 1 the point to which the wind blows spirally inward in a cyclonic storm. 2 a subject etc. upon which agitation or disturbance is concentrated. storm cloud 1 a heavy rain-cloud. 2 a threatening state of affairs. storm-cock a mistle-thrush. storm-collar a high coat-collar that can be turned up and fastened. storm cone Brit. a tarred-canvas cone hoisted as a warning of high wind, upright for the north and inverted for the south. storm-door an additional outer door for protection in bad weather or winter. storm-finch Brit. = storm petrel. storm-glass a sealed tube containing a solution of which the clarity is thought to change when storms approach. storming-party a detachment of troops ordered to begin an assault. storm in a teacup Brit. great excitement over a trivial matter. storm-lantern Brit. a hurricane lamp. storm petrel 1 a small petrel, Hydrobates pelagicus, of the North Atlantic, with black and white plumage. 2 a person causing unrest. storm-sail a sail of smaller size and stouter canvas than the corresponding one used in ordinary weather. storm-signal a device warning of an approaching storm. storm trooper 1 hist. a member of the Nazi political militia. 2 a member of the shock troops. storm troops 1 = shock troops (see SHOCK(1)). 2 hist. the Nazi political militia. storm window an additional outer sash-window used like a storm-door. take by storm 1 capture by direct assault. 2 rapidly captivate (a person, audience, etc.). stormless adj. stormproof adj.

[ OE f. Gmc ]

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