Meaning of STORM in English

n. 1 tempest, disturbance, turbulence; wind-storm, mistral, gale, whirlwind, hurricane, tornado, typhoon, cyclone, US and Canadian williwaw; shower, cloudburst, downpour, rainstorm, deluge, monsoon, thunder-shower, thunderstorm, electrical storm; dust-storm, sandstorm, simoom or simoon or samiel, harmattan, khamsin, sirocco; snowstorm, blizzard; hailstorm, ice-storm People were evacuated from the area where it was thought the storm would strike 2 outburst, outcry, explosion, eruption, outpouring, furore or US furor The proposed taxes were met by a storm of protest 3 disturbance, rumpus, stir, commotion, agitation, furore or US furor; turbulence, strife, turmoil, disorder I am not sure the company could weather another serious financial storm

v. 4 rage, rant, rave, bluster, fume, explode, thunder, roar, raise the roof, raise hell, raise Cain, Colloq fly off the handle, blow one's top, US blow one's stack When she found out where Laura had gone, mother stormed round the house 5 blow, rain, hail, snow, sleet, rage, bluster, squall, howl It stormed for a week, and much property was destroyed 6 attack, assault, assail, raid, blitz, blitzkrieg, bombard, barrage, fire upon or on, shell; besiege, lay siege to, siege The enemy stormed the castle again and again without effect

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