Meaning of TIE in English


v. & n.

v. (tying) 1 tr. attach or fasten with string or cord etc. (tie the dog to the gate; tie his hands together; tied on a label). 2 tr. a form (a string, ribbon, shoelace, necktie, etc.) into a knot or bow. b form (a knot or bow) in this way. 3 tr. restrict or limit (a person) as to conditions, occupation, place, etc. (is tied to his family). 4 intr. (often foll. by with) achieve the same score or place as another competitor (they tied at ten games each; tied with her for first place). 5 tr. hold (rafters etc.) together by a crosspiece etc. 6 tr. Mus. a unite (written notes) by a tie. b perform (two notes) as one unbroken note.

n. 1 a cord or chain etc. used for fastening. 2 a strip of material worn round the collar and tied in a knot at the front with the ends hanging down. 3 a thing that unites or restricts persons; a bond or obligation (family ties; ties of friendship; children are a real tie). 4 a draw, dead heat, or equality of score among competitors. 5 Brit. a match between any pair from a group of competing players or teams. 6 (also tie-beam etc.) a rod or beam holding parts of a structure together. 7 Mus. a curved line above or below two notes of the same pitch indicating that they are to be played for the combined duration of their time values. 8 US a railway sleeper. 9 US a shoe tied with a lace. fit to be tied colloq. very angry. tie-break (or -breaker) a means of deciding a winner from competitors who have tied. tie-dye (or tie and dye) a method of producing dyed patterns by tying string etc. to protect parts of the fabric from the dye. tie in (foll. by with) bring into or have a close association or agreement. tie-in n. 1 a connection or association. 2 (often attrib.) esp. US a form of sale or advertising that offers or requires more than a single purchase. 3 the joint promotion of related commodities etc. (e.g. a book and a film). tie-line a transmission line connecting parts of a system, esp. a telephone line connecting two private branch exchanges. tie-pin (or -clip) an ornamental pin or clip for holding a tie in place. tie up 1 bind or fasten securely with cord etc. 2 invest or reserve (capital etc.) so that it is not immediately available for use. 3 moor (a boat). 4 secure (an animal). 5 obstruct; prevent from acting freely. 6 secure or complete (an undertaking etc.). 7 (often foll. by with) = tie in. 8 (usu. in passive) fully occupy (a person). tieless adj.

[ OE tigan, tegan (v.), teah, teg (n.) f. Gmc ]

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