Meaning of TIE in English


n. 25B6; verb

they tied Max to a chair : BIND, tie up, tether, hitch, strap, truss, fetter, rope, chain, make fast, moor, lash, attach, fasten, fix, secure, join, connect, link, couple.

he bent to tie his shoelaces : DO UP, lace, knot.

women can feel tied by childcare responsibilities : RESTRICT, restrain, limit, tie down, constrain, trammel, confine, cramp, hamper, handicap, hamstring, encumber, shackle, inhibit; cramp someone's style.

a pay deal tied to a productivity agreement : LINK, connect, couple, relate, join, marry; make conditional on, bind up with.

they tied for second place : DRAW, be equal, be even, be neck and neck.

25B6; noun

he tightened the ties of his robe : LACE, string, cord, fastening, fastener.

a collar and tie : NECKTIE, bow tie, string tie; Brit. bootlace tie.

family ties : BOND, connection, link, relationship, attachment, affiliation, allegiance, friendship; kinship, interdependence.

pets can be a tremendous tie : RESTRICTION, constraint, curb, limitation, restraint, hindrance, encumbrance, handicap; obligation, commitment.

there was a tie for first place : DRAW, dead heat, deadlock.

(Brit.) Turkey's World Cup tie against Holland : MATCH, game, contest, fixture, event.

25A0; tie someone down she was afraid of being tied down. : See tie verb sense 3.

25A0; tie in BE CONSISTENT, tally, agree, be in agreement, accord, concur, fit in, harmonize, be in tune, dovetail, correspond, match; informal square; N. Amer. informal jibe.

25A0; tie someone/something up

robbers tied her up and ransacked her home : BIND, bind hand and foot, fasten together, truss (up), fetter, chain up.

he is tied up in meetings all morning : OCCUPY, engage, keep busy.

they were anxious to tie up the contract : FINALIZE, conclude, complete, finish off, seal, set the seal on, settle, secure, clinch; informal wrap up.

Concise Oxford thesaurus English vocabulary.      Краткий оксфордский словарь английского языка тезаурус.