Meaning of WORLD in English


n. 1 a the earth, or a planetary body like it. b its countries and their inhabitants. c all people; the earth as known or in some particular respect. 2 a the universe or all that exists; everything. b everything that exists outside oneself (dead to the world). 3 a the time, state, or scene of human existence. b (prec. by the, this) mortal life. 4 secular interests and affairs. 5 human affairs; their course and conditions; active life (how goes the world with you?). 6 average, respectable, or fashionable people or their customs or opinions. 7 all that concerns or all who belong to a specified class, time, domain, or sphere of activity (the medieval world; the world of sport). 8 (foll. by of) a vast amount (that makes a world of difference). 9 (attrib.) affecting many nations, of all nations (world politics; a world champion). all the world and his wife 1 any large mixed gathering of people. 2 all with pretensions to fashion. bring into the world give birth to or attend at the birth of. carry the world before one have rapid and complete success. come into the world be born. for all the world (foll. by like, as if) precisely (looked for all the world as if they were real). get the best of both worlds benefit from two incompatible sets of ideas, circumstances, etc. in the world of all; at all (used as an intensifier in questions) (what in the world is it?). man (or woman) of the world a person experienced and practical in human affairs. the next (or other) world a supposed life after death. out of this world colloq. extremely good etc. (the food was out of this world). see the world travel widely; gain wide experience. think the world of have a very high regard for. World Bank colloq. the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, an organization administering economic aid between member nations. world-beater a person or thing surpassing all others. world-class of a quality or standard regarded as high throughout the world. World Cup a competition between football or other sporting teams from various countries. world-famous known throughout the world. the world, the flesh, and the devil the various kinds of temptation. world language 1 an artificial language for international use. 2 a language spoken in many countries. world-line Physics a curve in space-time joining the positions of a particle throughout its existence. the (or all the) world over throughout the world. world power a nation having power and influence in world affairs. the world's end the farthest attainable point of travel. World Series the US championship for baseball teams. world-shaking of supreme importance. the world to come supposed life after death. world-view = WELTANSCHAUUNG. world war a war involving many important nations (First World War of 1914-18; Second World War of 1939-45). world-weariness being world-weary. world-weary weary of the world and life on it. world without end for ever.

[ OE w(e)orold, world f. a Gmc root meaning 'age': rel. to OLD ]

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