Meaning of WORLD in English



1. the world

2. things that affect or happen everywhere in the world


an area of the world : ↑ AREA

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1. the world

▷ the world /ðə ˈwɜːʳld/ [singular noun]

the planet we live on, and all the places on it :

▪ In some parts of the world, clean drinking water is very scarce.

all over the world

▪ You can buy Coca-Cola all over the world.

around the world

in every part of the world

▪ Scientists around the world have been conducting similar experiments.

▪ The ceremony was seen on television around the world.

the whole world

everyone and everything in the world

▪ For South Africa, and indeed for the whole world, 1990 was a year of great change.

▪ The two countries are trying to work out a peace deal with the whole world watching.

the best, fastest etc in the world/the world’s best, fastest etc

▪ It’s the world’s tallest building.

▪ At age 116, she was believed to be one of the oldest people in the world.

▷ earth/Earth /ɜːʳθ/ [singular/uncountable noun]

use this especially when you are comparing our world with the moon, stars, and other places in space :

▪ Light from the stars can take millions of years to reach Earth.


the earth/the Earth

▪ The earth revolves around the sun.

▪ Water is one of the Earth’s most important resources.

the largest/oldest/poorest something on earth

▪ Vietnam is among the poorest nations on Earth.

▪ The blue whale is the largest animal on Earth.

to earth

▪ The space shuttle returned safely to earth on December 9th.

▷ the planet /ðə ˈplænə̇t/ [singular noun]

use this especially when you are talking about problems that affect the environment :

▪ The massive volcanic eruption could affect the climate of the whole planet.

▪ Energy conservation is vital for the future of the planet.

▪ Ozone shields the planet from the effects of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation.

▷ the globe /ðə ˈgləʊb/ [singular noun]

use this especially when you want to emphasize the great distances or areas involved in something that happens or exists in the world :

▪ Water covers over half of the globe.

▪ Using satellites, television pictures can be seen on the other side of the globe almost instantly.

all over the globe

everywhere in the world

▪ This garden has exotic plants from all over the globe.

2. things that affect or happen everywhere in the world

▷ world /wɜːʳld/ []

use this to talk about something that exists everywhere in the world, affects the whole world, or is the best or most important in the world :

▪ The top 50 multi-national companies control about 80% of world trade.

▪ At that time Britain was a major world power.

▪ Islam is one of the great world religions.

world champion/record/expert

the best in the world

▪ The ice skating show features twelve Olympic and world champions.

▪ Jones is a world expert in genetics.

▷ global /ˈgləʊb ə l/ [adjective only before noun]

affecting the whole world - use this especially to talk about political or economic situations :

▪ Campaigners have called for a global ban on landmines.

▪ Multinational companies create, in effect, a global economy.

global warming

a global increase in temperature

▪ Scientists at an international conference have been discussing global warming and its possible effects.

▷ worldwide /ˌwɜːʳldˈwaɪd◂/ [adjective only before noun]

existing or happening in every country of the world :

▪ There is a worldwide shortage of oil.

▪ The concert attracted a worldwide television audience of over a billion people.

worldwide [adverb]

▪ Sea levels are expected to rise worldwide by 2100.

▷ globalization also globalisation British /ˌgləʊbəlaɪˈzeɪʃ ə nǁ-lə-/ [uncountable noun]

when companies from one country operate in and affect countries all over the world, for example by selling their goods there, having factories there, employing people there etc :

▪ Some see the spread of English as an international language as just another consequence of globalization.

▪ Globalization often means that poorer countries become too dependent on foreign investment, with the result that their own development suffers.

▪ There were widespread anti-globalization demonstrations at the World Environmental summit yesterday, leading to the arrest of dozens of protestors.

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