Meaning of WORLD in English


n. 1 earth, planet, sphere, globe, Terra; universe, cosmos, existence, creation, life Do you believe the world is round? Buckland lives in his own, private world 2 humanity, mankind, people, the human race, society, the public, men, humankind, everybody, everyone, the world at large We know what he thinks of the world, but what does the world think of him? 3 area, sphere, domain, community, clique, crowd, circle, fraternity, faction, set, coterie What value does the art world place on Longchamps' paintings? 4 period, time, age, era, epoch, time(s): They have produced an excellent series of programmes on the ancient world 5 bring into the world. a deliver, have, give birth to, beget, Rare or dialect birth Grandmother brought sixteen children into the world b deliver, midwife The town family doctor brought hundreds of children into the world in his long career 6 for all the world. precisely, exactly, in all respects, in every respect, in every way, just He behaved for all the world like a man possessed by the devil 7 on top of the world. ecstatic, delighted, elated, happy, exultant, overjoyed, rapturous, Brit in the seventh heaven, US in seventh heaven, Colloq on cloud nine, Brit over the moon George has been on top of the world ever since Prudence agreed to marry him 8 out of this world. marvellous, wonderful, exceptional, unbelievable, incredible, excellent, superb, Colloq great, smashing, fantastic, fabulous, Slang out of sight, far-out, Brit magic, US to the max: The place we stayed at Ibiza was out of this world!

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