Meaning of BRING in English

v. 25B6; verb

he brought over a tray : CARRY, fetch, bear, take; convey, transport; move, haul, shift.

Philip brought his bride to his mansion : ESCORT, conduct, guide, lead, usher, show, shepherd.

the wind changed and brought rain : CAUSE, produce, create, generate, precipitate, lead to, give rise to, result in; stir up, whip up, promote; poetic/literary beget.

the police contemplated bringing charges : PUT FORWARD, prefer, lay, submit, present, initiate, institute.

this job brings him a regular salary : EARN, make, fetch, bring in, yield, net, gross, return, produce; command, attract.

25A0; bring something about

the affair that brought about her death : CAUSE, produce, give rise to, result in, lead to, occasion, bring to pass; provoke, generate, engender, precipitate; formal effectuate.

he brought the ship about : TURN (ROUND/AROUND), reverse, change the direction of.

25A0; bring something back

the smell brought back memories : REMIND ONE OF, put one in mind of, bring/call to mind, conjure up, evoke, summon up; take one back.

bring back capital punishment : REINTRODUCE, reinstate, re-establish, revive, resurrect.

25A0; bring someone down

he was brought down by a clumsy challenge : TRIP, knock over/down; foul.

I couldn't bear to bring her down : DEPRESS, sadden, upset, get down, dispirit, dishearten, discourage.

25A0; bring something down

we will bring down the price : DECREASE, reduce, lower, cut, drop; informal slash.

the unrest brought down the government : UNSEAT, overturn, topple, overthrow, depose, oust.

25A0; bring something forward PROPOSE, suggest, advance, raise, table, present, move, submit, lodge.

25A0; bring someone in INVOLVE, include, count in.

25A0; bring something in

he brought in a private member's bill : INTRODUCE, launch, inaugurate, initiate, institute.

the event brings in one million pounds each year. : See bring sense 5.

25A0; bring something off ACHIEVE, accomplish, attain, bring about, pull off, manage, realize, complete, finish; execute, perform, discharge; formal effectuate.

25A0; bring something on . See bring something about sense 1.

25A0; bring something out

they were bringing out a new magazine : LAUNCH, establish, begin, start, found, set up, instigate, inaugurate, market; publish, print, issue, produce.

the shawl brings out the colour of your eyes : ACCENTUATE, highlight, emphasize, accent, set off.

25A0; bring someone round

she administered artificial respiration and brought him round : WAKE UP, return to consciousness, rouse, bring to.

we would have brought him round, given time : PERSUADE, convince, talk round, win over, sway, influence.

25A0; bring oneself to FORCE ONESELF TO, make oneself, bear to.

25A0; bring someone up REAR, raise, care for, look after, nurture, provide for.

25A0; bring something up MENTION, allude to, touch on, raise, broach, introduce; voice, air, suggest, propose, submit, put forward, bring forward, table.

Concise Oxford thesaurus English vocabulary.      Краткий оксфордский словарь английского языка тезаурус.