Meaning of CUT in English


n. 25B6; verb

the knife slipped and cut his finger : GASH, slash, lacerate, sever, slit, pierce, penetrate, wound, injure; scratch, graze, nick, snick, incise, score; lance.

cut the pepper into small pieces : CHOP, cut up, slice, dice, cube, mince; carve; N. Amer. hash.

cut back the new growth to about half its length : TRIM, snip, clip, crop, barber, shear, shave; pare; prune, pollard, poll, lop, dock; mow.

I went to cut some flowers : PICK, pluck, gather; poetic/literary cull.

lettering had been cut into the stonework : CARVE, engrave, incise, etch, score; chisel, whittle.

the government cut public expenditure : REDUCE, cut back/down on, decrease, lessen, retrench, trim, slim down; rationalize, downsize, slenderize; mark down, discount, lower; informal slash.

the text has been substantially cut : SHORTEN, abridge, condense, abbreviate, truncate; edit; bowdlerize, expurgate.

you need to cut at least ten lines per page : DELETE, remove, take out, excise, blue-pencil.

oil supplies to the area had been cut : DISCONTINUE, break off, suspend, interrupt; stop, end, put an end to.

the point where the line cuts the vertical axis : CROSS, intersect, bisect; meet, join.

(dated) the banker's wife cut her at church : SNUB, ignore, shun, give someone the cold shoulder, cold-shoulder, cut dead, look right through, rebuff, turn one's back on; informal freeze out.

25B6; noun

a cut on his jaw : GASH, slash, laceration, incision, wound, injury; scratch, graze, nick, snick.

a cut of beef : JOINT, piece, section.

(informal) the directors are demanding their cut : SHARE, portion, bit, quota, percentage; informal slice of the cake, rake-off, piece of the action; Brit. informal whack.

his hair was in need of a cut : HAIRCUT, trim, clip, crop.

a smart cut of the whip : BLOW, slash, stroke.

he followed this with the unkindest cut of all : INSULT, slight, affront, slap in the face, jibe, barb, cutting remark; informal put-down, dig.

a cut in interest rates : REDUCTION, cutback, decrease, lessening; N. Amer. rollback.

the elegant cut of his jacket : STYLE, design; tailoring, lines, fit.

25A0; cut back companies cut back on foreign investment : REDUCE, cut, cut down on, decrease, lessen, retrench, economize on, trim, slim down, scale down; rationalize, downsize, pull/draw in one's horns, tighten one's belt; informal slash.

25A0; cut someone/something down

24 hectares of trees were cut down : FELL, chop down, hack down, saw down, hew.

he was cut down in his prime : KILL, slaughter, shoot down, mow down, gun down; informal take out, blow away; poetic/literary slay.

25A0; cut and dried DEFINITE, decided, settled, explicit, specific, precise, unambiguous, clear-cut, unequivocal, black and white, hard and fast.

25A0; cut in INTERRUPT, butt in, break in, interject, interpose, chime in; Brit. informal chip in.

25A0; cut someone/something off

they cut off his finger : SEVER, chop off, hack off; amputate.

oil and gas supplies were cut off : DISCONTINUE, break off, disconnect, suspend; stop, end, bring to an end.

a community cut off from the mainland by the flood waters : ISOLATE, separate, keep apart; seclude, closet, cloister, sequester.

25A0; cut out STOP WORKING, stop, fail, give out, break down; informal die, give up the ghost, conk out; Brit. informal pack up.

25A0; cut someone/something out

cut out all the diseased wood : REMOVE, take out, excise, extract; snip out, clip out.

it's best to cut out alcohol altogether : GIVE UP, refrain from, abstain from, go without; informal quit, leave off, pack in, lay off, knock off.

his mother cut him out of her will : EXCLUDE, leave out, omit, eliminate.

25A0; cut something short BREAK OFF, shorten, truncate, curtail, terminate, end, stop, abort, bring to an untimely end.

25A0; cut someone short INTERRUPT, cut off, butt in on, break in on.

Concise Oxford thesaurus English vocabulary.      Краткий оксфордский словарь английского языка тезаурус.