Meaning of CUT in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ ̈ɪkʌt ]

v. & n. --v. (cutting; past and past part. cut) 1 tr. (also absol.) penetrate or wound with a sharp-edged instrument (cut his finger; the knife won't cut). 2 tr. & intr. (often foll. by into) divide or be divided with a knife etc. (cut the bread; cut the cloth into metre lengths). 3 tr. a trim or reduce the length of (hair, a hedge, etc.) by cutting. b detach all or the significant part of (flowers, corn, etc.) by cutting. 4 tr. (foll. by loose, open, etc.) make loose, open, etc. by cutting. 5 tr. (esp. as cutting adj.) cause sharp physical or mental pain to (a cutting remark; a cutting wind; was cut to the quick). 6 tr. (often foll. by down) a reduce (wages, prices, time, etc.). b reduce or cease (services etc.). 7 tr. a shape or fashion (a coat, gem, key, record, etc.) by cutting. b make (a path, tunnel, etc.) by removing material. 8 tr. perform, execute, make (cut a caper; cut a sorry figure). 9 tr. (also absol.) cross, intersect (the line cuts the circle at two points; the two lines cut). 10 intr. (foll. by across, through, etc.) pass or traverse, esp. in a hurry or as a shorter way (cut across the grass). 11 tr. a ignore or refuse to recognize (a person). b renounce (a connection). 12 tr. esp. US deliberately fail to attend (a class etc.). 13 Cards a tr. divide (a pack) into two parts. b intr. select a dealer etc. by dividing the pack. 14 Cinematog. a tr. edit (a film or tape). b intr. (often in imper.) stop filming or recording. c intr. (foll. by to) go quickly to (another shot). 15 tr. switch off (an engine etc.). 16 tr. a hit (a ball) with a chopping motion. b Golf slice (the ball). 17 tr. US dilute, adulterate. 18 tr. (as cut adj.) Brit. sl. drunk. 19 intr. Cricket (of the ball) turn sharply on pitching. 20 intr. sl. run. 21 tr. castrate. --n. 1 an act of cutting. 2 a division or wound made by cutting. 3 a stroke with a knife, sword, whip, etc. 4 a a reduction (in prices, wages, etc.). b a cessation (of a power supply etc.). 5 an excision of part of a play, film, book, etc. 6 a wounding remark or act. 7 the way or style in which a garment, the hair, etc., is cut. 8 a piece of meat etc. cut from a carcass. 9 colloq. commission; a share of profits. 10 Tennis & Cricket etc. a stroke made by cutting. 11 ignoring of or refusal to recognize a person. 12 a an engraved block for printing. b = WOODCUT. 13 a railway cutting. 14 a new channel made for a river. øa cut above colloq. noticeably superior to. be cut out (foll. by for, or to + infin.) be suited (was not cut out to be a teacher). cut across 1 transcend or take no account of (normal limitations etc.) (their concern cuts across normal rivalries). 2 see sense 10 of v. cut-and-come-again abundance. cut and dried 1 completely decided; prearranged; inflexible. 2 (of opinions etc.) ready-made, lacking freshness. cut and run sl. run away. cut and thrust 1 a lively interchange of argument etc. 2 the use of both the edge and the point of a sword. cut back 1 reduce (expenditure etc.). 2 prune (a tree etc.). 3 Cinematog. repeat part of a previous scene for dramatic effect. cut-back n. an instance or the act of cutting back, esp. a reduction in expenditure. cut both ways 1 serve both sides of an argument etc. 2 (of an action) have both good and bad effects. cut one's coat according to one's cloth 1 adapt expenditure to resources. 2 limit ambition to what is feasible. cut a corner go across and not round it. cut corners do a task etc. perfunctorily or incompletely, esp. to save time. cut a dash see DASH. cut dead completely refuse to recognize (a person). cut down 1 a bring or throw down by cutting. b kill by means of a sword or disease. 2 see sense 6 of v. 3 reduce the length of (cut down the trousers to make shorts). 4 (often foll. by on) reduce one's consumption (tried to cut down on beer). cut a person down to size colloq. ruthlessly expose the limitations of a person's importance, ability, etc. cut one's eye-teeth attain worldly wisdom. cut glass glass with patterns and designs cut on it. cut in 1 interrupt. 2 pull in too closely in front of another vehicle (esp. having overtaken it). 3 give a share of profits etc. to (a person). 4 connect (a source of electricity). 5 join in a card-game by taking the place of a player who cuts out. 6 interrupt a dancing couple to take over from one partner. cut into 1 make a cut in (they cut into the cake). 2 interfere with and reduce (travelling cuts into my free time). cut it fine see FINE(1). cut it out (usu. in imper.) sl. stop doing that (esp. quarrelling). cut the knot solve a problem in an irregular but efficient way. cut-line 1 a caption to an illustration. 2 the line in squash above which a served ball must strike the wall. cut loose 1 begin to act freely. 2 see sense 4 of v. cut one's losses (or a loss) abandon an unprofitable enterprise before losses become too great. cut the mustard US sl. reach the required standard. cut no ice sl. 1 have no influence or importance. 2 achieve little or nothing. cut off 1 remove (an appendage) by cutting. 2 a (often in passive) bring to an abrupt end or (esp. early) death. b intercept, interrupt; prevent from continuing (cut off supplies; cut off the gas). c disconnect (a person engaged in a telephone conversation) (was suddenly cut off). 3 a prevent from travelling or venturing out (was cut off by the snow). b (as cut off adj.) isolated, remote (felt cut off in the country). 4 disinherit (was cut off without a penny). cut-off n. 1 the point at which something is cut off. 2 a device for stopping a flow. 3 US a short cut. cut out 1 remove from the inside by cutting. 2 make by cutting from a larger whole. 3 omit; leave out. 4 colloq. stop doing or using (something) (managed to cut out chocolate; let's cut out the arguing). 5 cease or cause to cease functioning (the engine cut out). 6 outdo or supplant (a rival). 7 US detach (an animal) from the herd. 8 Cards be excluded from a card-game as a result of cutting the pack. cut-out 1 a figure cut out of paper etc. 2 a device for automatic disconnection, the release of exhaust gases, etc. cut-out box US = fuse-box (see FUSE(1)). cut-price (or -rate) selling or sold at a reduced price. cut short 1 interrupt; terminate prematurely (cut short his visit). 2 make shorter or more concise. cut one's teeth on acquire initial practice or experience from (something). cut a tooth have it appear through the gum. cut up 1 cut into pieces. 2 destroy utterly. 3 (usu. in passive) distress greatly (was very cut up about it). 4 criticize severely. 5 US behave in a comical or unruly manner. cut up rough Brit. sl. show anger or resentment. cut up well sl. bequeath a large fortune. have one's work cut out see WORK. [ME cutte, kitte, kette, perh. f. OE cyttan (unrecorded)]

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