Meaning of NERVE in English

n. 25B6; noun

the nerves that transmit pain : nerve fibre, neuron, axon; Physiology dendrite. See list.

the match will be a test of nerve : CONFIDENCE, assurance, cool-headedness, self-possession; courage, bravery, pluck, boldness, intrepidity, fearlessness, daring; determination, will power, spirit, backbone, fortitude, mettle, grit, stout-heartedness; informal guts, spunk; Brit. informal bottle; N. Amer. informal moxie.

he had the nerve to chat her up : AUDACITY, cheek, effrontery, gall, temerity, presumption, boldness, brazenness, impudence, impertinence, arrogance, cockiness; informal face, front, brass neck, chutzpah; Brit. informal sauce.

pre-wedding nerves : ANXIETY, tension, nervousness, stress, worry, cold feet, apprehension; informal butterflies (in one's stomach), collywobbles, the jitters, the shakes; Brit. informal the (screaming) abdabs.

neural, neuro-.

25A0; get on someone's nerves IRRITATE, annoy, irk, anger, bother, vex, provoke, displease, exasperate, infuriate, gall, pique, needle, ruffle someone's feathers, try someone's patience; jar on, grate on, rankle; Brit. rub up the wrong way; informal aggravate, get to, bug, miff, peeve, rile, nettle, get up someone's nose, hack off, get someone's goat; Brit. informal nark, get on someone's wick, wind up.

25A0; nerve oneself BRACE ONESELF, steel oneself, summon one's courage, gear oneself up, prepare oneself; fortify oneself; informal psych oneself up; poetic/literary gird one's loins.

Parts of the Human Nervous System

abducens nerve peripheral nervous system

accessory nerve peroneal nerve

autonomic nervous system radial nerve

brain sciatic nerve

central nervous system sensory nerves

cranial nerves solar plexus

femoral nerve spinal cord

glossopharyngeal nerve spinal nerves

hypoglossal nerve sympathetic nervous system

motor nerves tibial nerve

nerve cell/neurone trigeminal/trifacial nerve

oculomotor nerve trochlear nerve

olfactory nerve ulnar nerve

optic nerve vestibulocochlear nerve

parasympathetic nervous system

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