Meaning of NERVE in English


Pronunciation: ' n ə rv

Function: noun

Etymology: Latin nervus sinew, nerve; akin to Greek neuron sinew, nerve, n ē n to spin ― more at NEEDLE

Date: 14th century

1 : SINEW , TENDON <strain every nerve >

2 : any of the filamentous bands of nervous tissue that connect parts of the nervous system with the other organs, conduct nervous impulses, and are made up of axons and dendrites together with protective and supportive structures

3 a : power of endurance or control : FORTITUDE , STRENGTH b : ASSURANCE , BOLDNESS also : presumptuous audacity : GALL

4 a : a sore or sensitive point <her remark touched a nerve > b plural : nervous agitation or irritability : NERVOUSNESS <a case of nerve s >

5 : VEIN 3

6 : the sensitive pulp of a tooth

synonyms see TEMERITY

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