Meaning of STEP in English


n. 25B6; noun

Frank took a step forward : PACE, stride.

she heard a step on the stairs : FOOTSTEP, footfall, tread.

she left the room with a springy step : GAIT, walk, tread.

it is only a step to the river : SHORT DISTANCE, stone's throw, spitting distance; informal {a hop, skip, and jump}.

the top step : STAIR, tread; ( steps ) STAIRS, staircase, stairway.

each step of the ladder : RUNG, tread.

resigning is a very serious step : COURSE OF ACTION, measure, move, act, action, initiative, manoeuvre, operation.

a significant step towards a ceasefire : ADVANCE, development, move, movement; breakthrough.

the first step on the managerial ladder : STAGE, level, grade, rank, degree; notch.

25B6; verb

she stepped forward : WALK, move, tread, pace, stride.

the bull had stepped on his hat : TREAD, stamp, trample; squash, crush, flatten.

25A0; in step he is in step with mainstream thinking : IN ACCORD, in harmony, in agreement, in tune, in line, in keeping, in conformity.

25A0; mind/watch one's step BE CAREFUL, take care, step/tread carefully, exercise care/caution, mind how one goes, look out, watch out, be wary, be on one's guard, be on the qui vive.

25A0; out of step the paper was often out of step with public opinion : AT ODDS, at variance, in disagreement, out of tune, out of line, not in keeping, out of harmony.

25A0; step by step ONE STEP AT A TIME, bit by bit, gradually, in stages, by degrees, slowly, steadily.

25A0; step down RESIGN, stand down, give up one's post/job, bow out, abdicate; informal quit.

25A0; step in

nobody stepped in to save the bank : INTERVENE, intercede, involve oneself, become/get involved, take a hand.

I stepped in for a sick colleague : STAND IN, sit in, fill in, cover, substitute, take over; replace, take someone's place; informal sub.

25A0; step on it (informal) HURRY UP, get a move on, speed up, go faster, be quick; informal get cracking, get moving, step on the gas; Brit. informal get one's skates on; N. Amer. informal get a wiggle on; dated make haste.

25A0; step something up

the army stepped up its offensive : INCREASE, intensify, strengthen, augment, escalate; informal up, crank up.

I stepped up my pace : SPEED UP, increase, accelerate, quicken, hasten.

Concise Oxford thesaurus English vocabulary.      Краткий оксфордский словарь английского языка тезаурус.