Meaning of STEP in English


n. & v.


1. a the complete movement of one leg in walking or running (took a step forward). b the distance covered by this.

2 a unit of movement in dancing.

3 a measure taken, esp. one of several in a course of action (took steps to prevent it; considered it a wise step).

4 a a surface on which a foot is placed on ascending or descending a stair or tread. b a block of stone or other platform before a door, altar, etc. c the rung of a ladder. d a notch cut for a foot in ice-climbing. e a platform etc. in a vehicle provided for stepping up or down.

5 a short distance (only a step from my door).

6 the sound or mark made by a foot in walking etc. (heard a step on the stairs).

7 the manner of walking etc. as seen or heard (know her by her step).

8 a a degree in the scale of promotion, advancement, or precedence. b one of a series of fixed points on a payscale etc.

9 a stepping (or not stepping) in time with others or music (esp. in or out of step). b the state of conforming to what others are doing (refuses to keep step with the team).

10 (in pl.) (also pair of steps sing.) STEPLADDER.

11 esp. US Mus. a melodic interval of one degree of the scale, i.e. a tone or semitone.

12 Naut. a block, socket, or platform supporting a mast.

--v. (stepped, stepping)

1. intr. lift and set down one's foot or alternate feet in walking.

2 intr. come or go in a specified direction by stepping.

3 intr. make progress in a specified way (stepped into a new job).

4 tr. (foll. by off, out) measure (distance) by stepping.

5 tr. perform (a dance).

6 tr. Naut. set up (a mast) in a step.

Phrases and idioms:

in a person's steps following a person's example. mind (or watch) one's step be careful. step by step gradually; cautiously; by stages or degrees. step-cut (of a gem) cut in straight facets round the centre. step down

1. resign from a position etc.

2 Electr. decrease (voltage) by using a transformer. step in 1 enter a room, house, etc.

2 a intervene to help or hinder. b act as a substitute for an indisposed colleague etc. step-in attrib.adj. (of a garment) put on by being stepped into without unfastening.

--n. such a garment. step it dance. step on it (or on the gas etc.) colloq.

1. accelerate a motor vehicle.

2 hurry up.

step out

1. leave a room, house, etc.

2 be active socially.

3 take large steps.


1. a raised stone, usu. one of a set in a stream, muddy place, etc., to help in crossing.

2 a means or stage of progress to an end. step this way a deferential formula meaning 'follow me'. step up 1 increase, intensify (must step up production).

2 Electr. increase (voltage) using a transformer. turn one's steps go in a specified direction.


steplike adj. stepped adj. stepwise adv. & adj.

Etymology: OE st{aelig}pe, stepe (n.), st{aelig}ppan, steppan (v.), f. Gmc

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