Meaning of VEHICLE in English


n. 25B6; noun

a stolen vehicle : MEANS OF TRANSPORT, conveyance; car, automobile, motorcycle, motorbike, van, bus, coach, lorry, truck; N. Amer. informal auto. See lists here and at carriage .

a vehicle for the communication of original ideas : CHANNEL, medium, means (of expression), agency, agent, instrument, mechanism, organ, apparatus.

Motor Vehicles

See also car . low-loader

all-terrain vehicle (ATV) low-rider

ambulance lunar roving vehicle (LRV)

armoured car milk float

articulated lorry minelayer

automobile moped

beach buggy motorbike/motorcycle

Black Maria motor caravan

bloodmobile multi-purpose vehicle (MPV)

bookmobile off-road vehicle (ORV)

bowser (trademark) omnibus

bulldozer pantechnicon

bus passenger-carrying vehicle (PCV)

cab people carrier

camper (van) personnel carrier

car pickup (truck)

caravanette public service vehicle (PSV)

carryall quad bike

car transporter recreational vehicle (RV)

charabanc refrigerated van

coach removal van

combination roadroller

crash wagon rover

delivery truck scooter

digger scout car

Dormobile (trademark) scrambler

double-decker bus semitrailer

dragster shooting brake

DUKW/duck skidsteer loader

dune buggy skimobile

dustcart snowcat

estate car snowmobile

fire engine snowplough

flatbed (truck) sport utility vehicle (SUV)

float steamroller

forklift truck streetcar

four-wheel drive (4WD) superbike

garbage truck tank

go-kart tanker

golf cart/buggy taxi/taxicab

gritter tracklayer

hackney cab tractor

half-track trailer

hearse tram

heavy goods vehicle (HGV) transporter

horsebox trolleybus

hot rod troop carrier

JCB (trademark) truck

Jeep (trademark) tuk-tuk

juggernaut utility

kart van

large goods vehicle (LGV) wagon/waggon


Concise Oxford thesaurus English vocabulary.      Краткий оксфордский словарь английского языка тезаурус.