Meaning of VEHICLE in English



a star vehicle (= a film or television programme that is intended to show the abilities of one particular star )

He denied that the movie was just a star vehicle for Tom Hanks.

a truck/vehicle convoy

The troops' truck convoy was travelling along the edge of the desert.

an emergency vehicle (= an ambulance or fire engine )

Emergency vehicles rushed to the scene.

combat vehicles

Armoured combat vehicles appeared on the streets of the city.

fill (a vehicle) up with petrol

She stopped to fill up with petrol.

getaway car/vehicle/van (= a car etc used by criminals to escape after a crime )

heavy goods vehicle

motor vehicle

This road is closed to motor vehicles.

off-road vehicle

an off-road vehicle

recreational vehicle

sport-utility vehicle

vehicle emissions (= from cars, lorries etc )

California has introduced tough new standards for vehicle emissions.




It was a speed equivalent to that of the fastest armoured land vehicle in use in the Empire.

We have a few difficulties at the moment because the fungus does not impart resistance to wear, particularly from heavy armoured vehicles !

Then to David Stirling's fury they saw a convoy of light armoured vehicles moving across their line of advance.

Forces loyal to ex-President Zviad Gamsakhurdia entered the towns of Senaki and nearby Apasha in several tanks and armoured vehicles .

Each side could also retain 18,000 armoured infantry combat vehicles weighing between 6 and 16.5 tonnes, and 12,000 lighter armoured vehicles.

The police used armoured vehicles and tear gas to contain the protesters who were armed with rocks and petrol bombs.

It was reported that the agreement covered missile systems, light armoured vehicles and sea surveillance aircraft.


The event is open to preserved and current commercial vehicles and preserved emergency vehicles.

Excluding pickup trucks and commercial vehicles , though, Mercedes grabbed 8. 0 percent of the market.

They are expected to halve pollution caused by large commercial vehicles , bringing them into line with regulations governing car exhaust emissions.

Taxes on commercial vehicles are also lower than on passenger cars, he said.

Will commercial vehicle operators buy long-lasting, reliable but expensive quality tyres, or cheap, short-life imports and re-moulds?

An increase in passenger car exports was offset by a 20 percent fall in commercial vehicle exports.

The surge in commercial vehicle production was regarded as a particularly encouraging pointer to an improvement in the economy.

Encouraging increases were also recorded in freight and cargo. Commercial vehicles rose from 322,572 in 1989 to 333,732 last year.


Cars increased by 4 percent, but light vans fell by 2 percent, and heavy goods vehicles decreased by 3 percent.

About 300 tanks, artillery pieces and other heavy vehicles will have crossed the pontoon bridge by Wednesday, military engineers say.

Even after the factories have been built, the heavy vehicles will continue to serve the industrial activities there.

We have a few difficulties at the moment because the fungus does not impart resistance to wear, particularly from heavy armoured vehicles !

The dock company's estimate of heavy goods vehicle traffic has proved remarkably accurate.

Sample section headings for the mailing list of a heavy goods vehicle manufacturer.

They also say heavy vehicles are arriving from 5.30am, causing fumes, pollution and noise.


The big military vehicle was quiet.

He closeted himself in the cavernous, Renaissanceinspired presidential palace in downtown Lima, where armored military vehicles stood guard Friday.

She could see no wrecked cars, planes, military vehicles .

At Police Headquarters alarm bells rang in from government munition dumps, military vehicle compounds, hi-tech weapon factories and sweet shops.

All military and voluntary vehicles will be given some of London's equipment, including special orthopaedic stretchers and chairs.

It appeared to be an old two-dimensional film presentation; an old fashioned oil-driven military vehicle was speeding across a verdant green field.

Kevin's commandeered military vehicle had some pretty awesome firepower.

Titanium is used as a lightweight element in aircraft and other military vehicles .


Where motor vehicles are concerned, the problems are different.

Later, I learned that not one of these men owned a motor vehicle .

Will we see one day the government insisting that games have time limiters the way that some motor vehicles have speed limiters?

More people are surviving, experts say, because of improvements in trauma care and motor vehicle safety.

BHouseholds in the West also had the greatest risk of property Bcrime, which is theft, motor vehicle theft and burglary.

For several decades the number of deaths resulting from motor vehicle accidents per 100, 000 population has increased.

The country's economy relies on high added-value sectors such as electronics, pharmaceuticals and motor vehicles .

The bill also would restrict the release of Social Security numbers by state motor vehicle departments.


Then the vans were manoeuvred on to the grass verge so that the new vehicle could come by.

In 1986, a new tax vehicle expedited securitization of mortgage pools.

The new vehicles built as replacements during the 1980s were generally of higher capacity, privately owned and fitted with air brakes.

How does it happen that an auto writer winds up with a new vehicle with expired plates?

There have been several other attempts with the Department of Defense that took a stab at a new vehicle .

Ian Jack, my guide for the next part of the trip, was waiting for me with his new vehicle .

In addition to the development of new vehicles and systems, other key components of commercial transactions need to be examined.


Reports began to come in of successful strikes on other vehicles .

The blackleg buses disappeared off the streets and other vehicles which had been beginning to return to the roads.

It wasn't as if any other vehicle had been involved.

Technically speaking as long as nobody was hurt, no injuries, no damage to the other vehicle , this is not an accident.

When she swung into the leafy driveway at Cultra, she was relieved to find no other vehicle there.

Radio, television and the radar-dependent navigational devices of planes and other vehicles are affected, as are computer networks and satellites.

When he was running alongside, he eased off the gas and matched his speed to that of the other vehicle .

At one stage the car raced along the hard shoulder to overtake other vehicles .


Gritz and his team immediately drove in a recreational vehicle to the gate at Justus Township, Smith said.

For us, the cost of recreational vehicle travel was offset by its convenience.

There are 11 tent / recreational vehicle sites but no showers, flush toilets or boat ramp.

That should prevent the adoption of a county sales tax or special assessments like the recently imposed recreational vehicle tax.

Its name stands for recreational active vehicle with four-wheel drive and is priced for entry-level buyers.



Its body shape means it is one of the most stable road vehicles in crosswinds.

This shop also produced road vehicles of all types for other railway companies.

This was improved by the progressive system, applied both to carriages, and to wagons and road vehicles .

Over a million gasifier units, usually powering road vehicles , were used during the Second World War.

The pack bunched up behind the road vehicle for 10 laps.

An undercarriage was fitted with two pairs of rail wheels, and two or more road vehicle bodies were fixed on top.

The mean time between road vehicles is r seconds.


Ford is offering a $ 2, 000 rebate on its Bronco sport utility vehicle .

Sport utility vehicles have supplanted minivans in recent years as the top-selling family vehicle, according to trade experts.

Customers also may have a harder time finding full-size pick-up trucks and certain sport utility vehicles .

Mr Roberts also confirmed that Ford is launching a full-size sport-#utility vehicle this fall called the Expedition.

Buyers of the Ford Bronco utility vehicle will be entitled to a $ 2, 000 rebate.

So they set out at the beginning of 1997 in four sport utility vehicles .

They see even more dollar signs ahead: There are now about 30 models of sport utility vehicles .

Plus the most significant restyling since the Cherokee debuted as a compact sport utility vehicle in 1984.



According to McKibbin, the Labour Party became the vehicle of working-class aspirations by the early 1920s.

It will either mask the conflict and thereby contribute to alienation and oppression, or it will become a vehicle of protest.

It will thus follow the path of tradition - and this becomes the vehicle which protects us against deviation.

Work, in other words, has become the vehicle through which we express our inherited suffering.

Police conducted their own inspections after senior officers became concerned about vehicle standards.

Mr Bush's indiscretion had become a vehicle for attacking the Democratic presidential nominee.

Since moving to Sussex, landscape has become an important vehicle for his ideas.

She added the planned cross town route would only be single carriageway and would rapidly become overcrowded with vehicles .


The unlawful taking and driving away of vehicles goes well beyond damage to property.

For security, some systems also kill the engine if a person tries to drive the vehicle without the car key.

A typical agreement lasts three years and a disabled person can have more than one person insured to drive the vehicle .

This is because owners of four-wheel-#drive vehicles seem to suffer some sort of brain malfunction whenever roads conditions are bad.

Only foremen will drive company vehicles from now on.

Gritz and his team immediately drove in a recreational vehicle to the gate at Justus Township, Smith said.

In the future, building dirt lots near the ranch house and allowing users to drive their vehicles in.


If institutional investors are involved , the buy-out vehicle could be a limited partnership, to afford the institutions limited liability.

Earlier reports that the accident involved many vehicles were incorrect.

Crash probe: Bishop Auckland police are investigating a crash on Seymour Street involving a stolen vehicle .

The risky technique involves vehicles dipping into the Martian atmosphere to slow down, rather than firing braking rockets.

More than half of all recorded crimes are car crimes, involving the theft of vehicles or the theft of property from vehicles.

Legal requirements may prevent a significant proportion of men returning to their original job, particularly if it involves driving motor vehicles .

Pile-ups involving 60 vehicles on A1 and A1M near Doncaster left one dead and 26 injured.

I have included all accidents involving at least one motor vehicle , sometimes these will also have included pedestrians or cyclists.


The use of these various processes may have provided the vehicles for the transmission of decorative motifs, by copying.

The twentieth century provides a vehicle for more meaningful exploration of the influence such cosmic events would have had upon the world.

Game theory provides the appropriate vehicle of study.

The crows in the television commercials provide another vehicle for conveying messages about Docklands.

The game environment can prove to be useful in providing the vehicle for this purpose.

For those with emotional difficulties, drama provides an invaluable vehicle which allows the effect of behaviour to be explored.

In 1991, Motability provided more than 43,000 vehicles .

But if the Nestorian Church provided one vehicle whereby Nazarean thought survived into a later epoch, there were also others.


Car retailers sell vehicles with various kinds of warranties concerning replacement of faulty parts at the suppliers expense.

Ford sold 22, 308 vehicles last year, up 51. 1 percent.

If they are new or have anything unusual about them, ask the person selling the vehicle for an explanation.

As a teenager he was involved in a stolen car ring, selling parts stripped from vehicles stolen by his friends.

Chrysler sold 15, 710 vehicles , up 11. 4 percent.

The decree allowed enterprises and institutions to sell their vehicles to private citizens through state retail outlets.

The company, which sells its vehicles through Yanase&038;.


But Molassi had stopped the vehicle himself.

They then allegedly robbed a man in North Beach before they were stopped when their vehicle collided with another car.

Read in studio A new device to stop high vehicles hitting bridges is undergoing tests.

They set up random checkpoints on roads between Ballymena and Portstewart stopping vehicles and looking for drugs.

They noticed the car run wide as the defendant made a left turn and the officers decided to stop the vehicle .

Pickets broke through the police lines and flung themselves into the road in an attempt to stop the vehicles .

They stopped their vehicles , talked very little, and chewed gum.


The estimated extra cost of the Worthing scheme is £2.80 per household per year, against £17 for schemes using two vehicles .

We used that as the vehicle and it went back and forth.

This was limited and, in order to use a longer vehicle , radial axle-boxes were introduced.

Would it be wiser to use a more conventional vehicle for a down payment?

Many criteria are used to determine motor vehicle insurance premiums.

The problem is that plainly this depreciation charge can not reflect the periodic benefits expected to accrue from using the vehicle .

For example, service teams that use a fleet of vehicles may monitor vehicle utilization.


amphibious vehicle

On Saturday morning, dozens of amphibious vehicles and air-cushion landing craft ferried men and tanks on to military-designated Red Beach.


a motor vehicle

The secret ballot was an important vehicle for freer elections.

the use of TV soap operas as a vehicle for spreading public information


Every road is blocked, every emergency vehicle trapped or wrecked, every hospital destroyed.

Members have been asked to hand in their guns, grenade throwers, anti-aircraft guns and armoured vehicles.

Only 373,804 vehicles were sold despite a massive £50million ad blitz by the industry.

Smoking is allowed only inside vehicles, and the smokes must be extinguished inside those vehicles.

The crew had been busy running cargo and vehicles on a waterborne Main Supply Route until just after midnight.

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