Meaning of BRIDGE in English

~ 1

■ noun

1》 a structure carrying a road, path, or railway across a river, road, etc.

2》 the platform on a ship from which the captain and officers direct operations.

3》 the upper bony part of a person's nose.

4》 a partial denture supported by natural teeth on either side.

5》 Music the part on a stringed instrument over which the strings are stretched.

6》 Music a ~ passage or middle eight.

7》 an electric circuit used chiefly to measure an unknown resistance by equalizing the potentials in two parts of the circuit.

■ verb

1》 be or make a ~ over.

2》 reduce or eliminate (a difference between two groups).


~able adjective


OE brycg , of Gmc origin.


~ 2

■ noun a card game related to whist, played by two partnerships of two players who at the beginning of each hand bid for the right to name the trump suit, the highest bid also representing a contract to make a specified number of tricks.


C19: of unknown origin.

Concise Oxford English vocab.      Сжатый оксфордский словарь английского языка.