Meaning of BRIDGE in English

I. noun


bridge/close/narrow the gap (= reduce the amount or importance of a difference )

The book aims to bridge the gap between theory and practice.

The policies are designed to close the gap between rich and poor.

bridging loan

contract bridge

hump-backed bridge

land bridge

Thousands of years ago, people crossed the land bridge between Asia and North America.

pontoon bridge

Shard London Bridge, the

suspension bridge

swing bridge

the bridge of your nose (= the upper part, between your eyes )

Sam pushed his glasses up on the bridge of his nose.

toll bridge




A new bridge was fitted some three months later during the winter.

Military traffic has been crossing the new pontoon bridge since Dec. 31 at a rate up to 400 vehicles each day.

Wide roads lead to a new bridge crossing the water and traffic can proceed at a fast pace without a halt.

The new ice bridge was larger and stronger than any that season.

Piling for the new bridge was completed by Christmas.

In low conditions a shingle bar is visible between the old and new bridges .

BAeSEMA has been contracted by the navy to come up with a new design for bridges incorporating the latest in ergonomic practice.

The new bridges across the Lagan slowly take shape.


Many of these old bridges have crazy stories behind them.

In any event, it is certainly the oldest bridge over the Derwent.

When the old bridge is torn down, the area might not revert to wetlands.

It had all been so long ago, a lot of peanuts had lodged under the old bridge since then.

Lyn walked across the cobbles and over the Old Town bridge .

Then follow the line of telegraph poles to the remains of an old railway bridge .

That was the old wooden bridge .


Take the planks from the tree to the small bridge and use them to complete it. 16.

A car has driven off the small bridge and is slowly sinking in the river.

Quickly, I pulled her off the road and down under a small bridge .

The chief mate watches the pick from the small flying bridge that is cantilevered out over the water.

A winter stream runs past and to enter the house, one has to cross a small wooden bridge .

Sheltered by the underbelly of that small pedestrian bridge , I would practice my singing.

No sooner had she crossed a small bridge near the farm than the storm resumed with even greater intensity.

Meandering paths lead among dirt hills into odd little vales and over small bridges .


The wooden bridge over the river was destroyed but shortly afterwards was replaced by a similar structure.

Driving over the white wooden bridge that led to the farm, I found I was nursing an odd, melancholy excitement.

That was the old wooden bridge .

Moss gardens, straw-mat rooms, wooden bridges arching in the moonlight, paper lanterns with the fire glowing inside.

In the wonderful autumn afternoons they walked by streams, crossing on little wooden bridges .

A winter stream runs past and to enter the house, one has to cross a small wooden bridge .

The river Limmat flows through Baden and is crossed by an old wooden bridge .

A maze of paths with unique wooden seats and bridges enables the weathered and moss-covered rocks to be seen at their best.



Barnes railway bridge was a sinecure compared with the limbo of the Willesden Marshalling Yards.

Early the next morning they crossed a railway bridge over the Hantan River.

But his principal contribution was in the field of civil engineering, as a builder of road and railway bridges .

Did you know that passengers on Lytham gas trams had to push them over the railway bridge in Lytham Road?

Then follow the line of telegraph poles to the remains of an old railway bridge .

The central arch, at 181 feet wide, is the largest masonry span of a railway bridge in Britain.

The railway bridge at this point represented the steepest gradient on the whole system at 1:16.

And there was being thrown from the railway bridge and landing on top of the moving carriage.


The engine rode up over three wagons of the coal train and ended up embedded under a road bridge .

Massive masonry was also encountered when the railway bridge was constructed further north still of the modern road bridge.

Chub below Asenby road bridge to maggot.

The bridge is now used only by pedestrians, having been superseded by a new road bridge in 1958.

Roach and big bream on the Grange stretch below A1 road bridge at Wetherby, also grayling.

Caster for roach below Boston Spa road bridge .

River Wear poor and upriver marks around the A19 road bridge best for flounder on a variety of baits.


The stone bridge across the North Hey was no more.

It is a stone bridge which was abandoned within twelve years when the railway was re-aligned for steam locomotive operation.

Cross it by the stone bridge .

The present stone bridge is a modern one.

We leaned over a humpbacked stone bridge looking at the trout basking in the crystal water.

The pretty stone bridge which crosses the stream at the end of the walled garden is also listed.

Clapper or rough stone bridges are also a familiar part of the Dartmoor scenery.

Bear right to cross the drainage ditch by the stone bridge .


She had panicky thoughts about the Clifton suspension bridge and its alarming suicide rate, but Tavett did not mention Clifton.

Serrell was given a contract to build a highway suspension bridge over the Niagara between Lewiston and Queenston.

I got to the top and walked along a bit, and saw the suspension bridge flying away to my left.

Then in 1850, a wire suspension bridge twisted and crumpled under the tread of marching troops.

The Albert suspension bridge is all lit up and people cheer us.

That the suspension bridge was both graceful to look at and economical to build was undeniable.

Some days ago I saw pictures of the Baghdad suspension bridge being destroyed.

His drawings ran the gamut from the parabolic suspension bridge to the forms and color of various trees and individual flowers.


It was a great walk, with swing bridges across the river, and we never met a soul all day.

Two bascule bridges and one swing bridge further upstream had become totally inadequate.

At the dock's entrance is a cast-iron swing bridge .

It was five minutes to eight when Yanto cycled over the low swing bridge on to the wharfs of Sharpness Docks.

A wrought-iron girder swing bridge at the Northern Entrance Lock may be the original installed by Brunel.

A bloke jumped out of the boat, ran past me, over the swing bridge and opened it up.

The dock's redeeming qualities are the old swing bridges and the boats themselves, many of them beautiful old sailing ships.


It would be preferable to the plans for an ugly toll bridge .

The causeway near the mill, crossing the creek, is a toll bridge , with tollbooth intact.

He says there shouldn't be toll bridges in this day and age.

And for the toll bridge owners it could prove an expensive gamble.

The tithe barns, the Rectory, the toll bridges no longer controlled daily life, but they still punctuated the landscape.

This toll bridge was at Whitney suffered damage from the fast flowing flood, and parts of Hereford are already underwater.



I told you, build some bridges now.

When he built a bridge he supervised every detail, left nothing to chance, prepared him-self for every contingency.

Patrick was right, she must build bridges now with Lizzy.

Do we believe we ought build a bridge big enough and wide enough for all of us to walk across.

Abroad they must be seen as great statesmen anxious to build peacemaking bridges between East and West.

She could picture her feelings and build bridges between different emotional ideas as a basis for reality testing and impulse control.

They've built roads and bridges and rail systems.

Actually, he was building two suspension bridges , side by side, and planning to lash them together.


The historical theme extends to cover local canals, bridges , floods, natural history and archaeology.

Robert invites Francesca along as he shoots covered bridges .

It was falling last night as we left Wilhi's Sausage Haus and said our goodbyes at the covered wooden bridge .

From Taftsville, on Highway 4, cross the covered bridge and follow signs to the farm.


We crossed over the bridge and followed the wet and muddy path along the bank.

Nobody lives beyond that, and the track then crosses a temporary bridge of poplar logs lashed together.

I had forgotten my fear until I came to cross one of these bridges on Beejay after rediscovering riding in my thirties.

We cross the bridge over Route 46, and walk down a few more blocks.

Eventually the traffic moved on, crossing the Thames bridge .

Military traffic has been crossing the new pontoon bridge since Dec. 31 at a rate up to 400 vehicles each day.

Now you've crossed Westminster bridge and achieved your goal, we outline the best possible way to recover.

The troll again asked his question and learned that an even bigger goat would soon cross his bridge .


But it was Cézanne who formed the bridge between their art and the art of the preceding five centuries.

The newly formed bridge companies encouraged competition to keep down prices.

For others, it can form a bridge between Standard Grades and Highers.

An ambitious plan was formed for a bridge of boats to be constructed so that an attack on the mainland could be mounted.

The new Documenta-Halle, backing on to the Friedrichsplatz, now forms an ideal bridge between the other two buildings.

In this way these schemes form a bridge between the formal and informal sectors.

Group I PLA2 contain a cysteine at position 11 forming a disulphide bridge with a cysteine at position 77.


An attempt will be made to identify best practice, to help bridge the gap between theoretical prescriptions and practical modelling procedures.

He advocates forming private foundations and approaching agricultural and manufacturing businesses to help bridge the gap in state financing.

Others have appealed for retired nurses to help bridge staff shortages.

He helped them to build bridges and who knows what all.

The housing directory will help bridge this gap - although the proposed legal aid cuts do cast a cloud over this.

He helped man the bridge and co-ordinate the rescue operation after the crew allegedly abandoned ship.


It was passing over a bridge across the Jumna.

As he passed under the bridge he grasped one of the girders and climbed safely into the superstructure.

A big, flat coal barge was passing under the bridge and I averted my eyes from the sight of it.

He had to summon all his willpower to pass under a bridge because he would experience a crushing pressure on the skull.

When we reached this area we found a small stream passing under a bridge marked Puente Chinoluiz.

We have a height limit to go into the city, because we have to pass the tunnels and bridges .

As he did so, he heard footsteps passing under the bridge and over the point catwalk and continuing under the box.

At 4: 33, he passed under the bridge and entered the rapids.


She had played three-handed bridge with Angus and Milly; it was still quiet when they had gone to bed.

She could tell, especially that old lady with her patronizing smile: i used to play bridge with your grandmother Fermoyle.

After dinner the Colonel gave all the officers tasks, such as playing bridge , winding up the gramophone or reading suitable books.

So Thomas played bridge with them, and swam, and learned to use an aqualung.

Corinne taught the children to play bridge .

Mr and Mrs go to play bridge with the Fountains-Abbotts and Seb takes me to a film.

In his two charcoal works on paper, Levitch makes childlike images of a young boy playing near a bridge .


This concept of structuration provides a bridge between our static models of class and the complex dynamic reality of changing inequality.

In some instances it will be necessary to provide a bridge or underpass.

Amateurism provided a bridge between the old world of aristocratic values and the new one of bourgeois exertion and competitiveness.

Others are new opportunities, such as those provided by constructing bridges to make new connections possible.

Singer Kirsty Yates' vocals and spooky lyrics provide the strongest bridge between Earwig past and present.

So the seemingly random patterns of the yarrow stalks provide a bridge between your question and the relevant hexagram.

Finally comes metaphysics which provides a bridge between logic and the special sciences.


I get up and start walking over to the bridge .

We walked out on the bridge and then took a walk through the town.

If you approach a river, how far away from it must you be as you walk to find a bridge ?

The first half of the mile-long walk across the bridge is slightly uphill.

Physicians can easily walk across a bridge to the hospital and access its services.

Then he walked back to the bridge site to meet his wife, who was coolly descending from the iron basket.


be (all) water under the bridge

However, this is water under the bridge.

To some extent, that is water under the bridge.

build bridges

He had a strong commitment to building bridges between the divided community here.

He helped them to build bridges and who knows what all.

Instead of building bridges to nowhere, we will build a solid foundation for our nation and its future generations.

Patrick was right, she must build bridges now with Lizzy.

She could picture her feelings and build bridges between different emotional ideas as a basis for reality testing and impulse control.

Stuart knew very little about building bridges.

The class erupted in laughter and they were like, you build bridges so they can blow them up?

The landed nobility showed no inclination to build bridges with urban property-owners, let alone workers and peasants.

burn your bridges/boats

And, now she'd burnt her boats so very finally, he would want it back.

He was not one for burning his boats.

She had indeed burnt her boats.

She was acutely aware that she had burnt her boats.

cross that bridge when you come to it

"What if they refuse?" "We'll cross that bridge when we come to it."


A tanker had been swept over the bridge just before we arrived.

He designed the Kelham and Stockwith bridges in Nottinghamshire.

Helen bought her love seat, a sky blue velveteen fold-out, and also her bridge table.

One rail bridge , well camouflaged, is not shown on any map.

The bridge at Yeald Brow was refurbished only last year.

The bridge spans the watercourse descending from Coire Mhic Nobuil in a very attractive setting, well seen from the parapet.

II. verb




Thankfully, efforts are already under way to bridge the digital divide .

There are a couple of fudge options at hand, but neither entirely bridges the divide .


The approach for bridging this gap is frequently called a strategy.

Later, electrically powered calculators and analog computers bridged the gap to the first primitive digital computers.

He bridges that gap between the Old and the New.

Diplomatic sources said the main question now is whether a formula can be found to bridge the gap on both issues.

Over a stretch of muddy field ... she had to bridge the gap - decide.

Now the astronauts themselves have bridged the gap between their vision and our earthbound experience.

Although private funding has bridged much of this gap , declining ticket sales of 35 % have intensified financial pressures.



Check local building codes; bridging may be required in some installations.


With this bill, Republicans went further in trying to bridge differences with the president.

So Monnens decided to try to bridge the gap between advertisers and Web sites.

Misner tried to bridge it by filling it with chunks of ice in order to help Miss Hall over.


be (all) water under the bridge

However, this is water under the bridge.

To some extent, that is water under the bridge.


A log bridged the stream.


Can they bridge the gulf between the visitors and themselves?

Thankfully, efforts are already under way to bridge the digital divide.

This was not so wide as the first one had been, and she bridged it safely.

What illusion was it that she bridged between this world and that?

Writtle College has also signposted the three-quarter mile circular trail route, built stiles and bridged a large ditch.

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