Meaning of CHORD in English

~ 1

■ noun a group of notes (usually three or more) sounded together in harmony.

■ verb [usu. as noun ~ing ] play, sing, or arrange notes in ~s.


~al adjective


ME cord , from accord ; the spelling changed due to confusion with ~ 2 .


~ 2

■ noun

1》 a straight line joining the ends of an arc.

2》 Aeronautics the width of an aerofoil from leading to trailing edge.

3》 Engineering each of the two principal members of a truss.

4》 Anatomy variant spelling of cord .

5》 literary a string on a harp or other instrument.


strike (or touch ) a ~ affect or stir someone's emotions.


C16: a later spelling (influenced by L. ~a 'rope') of cord .

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