Meaning of CHORD in English

1. n. Mus. a group of (usu. three or more) notes sounded together, as a basis of harmony.


chordal adj.

Etymology: orig. cord f. ACCORD: later confused with CHORD(2) 2. n.1 Math. & Aeron. etc. a straight line joining the ends of an arc, the wings of an aeroplane, etc.

2 Anat. CORD.

3 poet. the string of a harp etc.

4 Engin. one of the two principal members, usu. horizontal, of a truss.

Phrases and idioms:

strike a chord

1. recall something to a person's memory.

2 elicit sympathy. touch the right chord appeal skilfully to the emotions.


chordal adj.

Etymology: 16th-c. refashioning of CORD after L chorda

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