Meaning of CONDITION in English

■ noun

1》 the state of something or someone, with regard to appearance, fitness, or working order.

↘an illness or medical problem.

↘ archaic social position.

2》 ( ~s ) circumstances affecting the functioning or existence of something.

3》 a state of affairs that must exist before something else is possible.

■ verb

1》 have a significant influence on.

↘train or accustom to behave in a certain way.

↘[as adjective ~ed ] relating to or denoting automatic responses established by training to an ordinarily neutral stimulus.

2》 bring into the desired state for use.

↘[often as adjective ~ed ] make fit and healthy.

3》 apply ~er to (the hair).

4》 set prior requirements on (something) before it can occur.


in (or out of ) ~ in a fit (or unfit) physical state.

on ~ that with the stipulation that.


ME: from OFr. condicion (n.), condicionner (v.), from L. condicio(n-) 'agreement', from condicere 'agree upon', from con- 'with' + dicere 'say'.

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