Meaning of CONDITION in English

transcription, транскрипция: [ kənˈdɪʃən ]

n. & v. --n. 1 a stipulation; something upon the fulfilment of which something else depends. 2 a the state of being or fitness of a person or thing (arrived in bad condition; not in a condition to be used). b an ailment or abnormality (a heart condition). 3 (in pl.) circumstances, esp. those affecting the functioning or existence of something (working conditions are good). 4 archaic social rank (all sorts and conditions of men). 5 Gram. a clause expressing a condition. 6 US a subject in which a student must pass an examination within a stated time to maintain a provisionally granted status. 1 a bring into a good or desired state or condition. b make fit (esp. dogs or horses). 2 teach or accustom to adopt certain habits etc. (conditioned by society). 3 govern, determine (his behaviour was conditioned by his drunkenness). 4 a impose conditions on. b be essential to (the two things condition each other). 5 test the condition of (textiles etc.). 6 US subject (a student) to re-examination. øconditioned reflex a reflex response to a non-natural stimulus, established by training. in (or out of) condition in good (or bad) condition. in no condition to certainly not fit to. on condition that with the stipulation that. [ME f. OF condicion (n.), condicionner (v.) or med.L condicionare f. L condicio -onis f. condicere (as com-, dicere say)]

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