Meaning of CONJUGATE in English


■ verb 'kɒndʒʊgeɪt

1》 Grammar give the different forms of (a verb).

2》 Biology (of bacteria or unicellular organisms) become temporarily united in order to exchange genetic material.

↘(of gametes) fuse.

3》 Chemistry be combined with or joined to reversibly.

■ adjective 'kɒndʒʊgət

1》 Chemistry (of an acid or base) related by loss or gain of a proton.

2》 Mathematics joined in a reciprocal relation, especially having the same real parts and equal magnitudes but opposite signs of imaginary parts.

3》 Geometry (of angles) adding up to 360°.

4》 Biology (of gametes) fused.

■ noun 'kɒndʒʊgət

1》 chiefly Biochemistry a ~d substance.

2》 Mathematics a ~ value or entity.


conjugacy noun


C15 (earlier (ME) as conjugation ): from L. conjugat- , conjugare 'yoke together', from con- 'together' + jugum 'yoke'.

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