Meaning of CONJUGATE in English


I. adjective see: yoke Date: 15th century 1. joined together especially in pairs ; coupled, acting or operating as if joined, 2. having features in common but opposite or inverse in some particular, relating to or being ~ complex numbers , related by the difference of a proton , having the same derivation and therefore usually some likeness in meaning , forming a single piece, ~ly adverb ~ness noun II. verb (-gated; -gating) Date: 1530 transitive verb to give in prescribed order the various inflectional forms of, to join together, intransitive verb to become joined together, 2. to pair and fuse in conjugation, to pair in synapsis, III. noun Date: circa 1586 something ~ ; a product of conjugating, ~ complex number , an element of a mathematical group that is equal to a given element of the group multiplied on the right by another element and on the left by the inverse of the latter element

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