Meaning of NODE in English


■ noun technical

1》 a point in a network at which lines intersect or branch.

↘a piece of equipment, such as a computer or peripheral, attached to a network.

↘ Mathematics a point at which a curve intersects itself.

↘ Astronomy either of the two points at which a planet's orbit intersects the plane of the ecliptic or the celestial equator.

2》 Botany the part of a plant stem from which one or more leaves emerge.

3》 Anatomy a lymph ~ or other structure consisting of a small mass of differentiated tissue.

4》 Physics & Mathematics a point at which the amplitude of vibration in a standing wave system is zero.

↘a point of zero current or voltage.


nodal adjective

nodical adjective


ME (denoting a knotty swelling or a protuberance): from L. nodus 'knot'.

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