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lymph node




No active nodes remain and we have explored the complete enumeration tree.

Two data structures are used: an active node stack and a three-cell constituent buffer.

At each stage we select an active node and develop it.

In addition, inhibitory links between competitors at the same level allow better scoring, more active nodes to depress any competitors.

The development strategy can be further controlled by specifying a parameter and temporarily removing nodes satisfying from the list of active nodes.

If there are no active nodes left, the problem is solved and the incumbent solution is optimal.

For example, no mention has been made of which variable to base branching on, or which active node to develop next.

The remaining scope for choice surrounds the selection of an active node for development.


There is therefore no need to grow new branches from node 7.

When the required path does not exist, new nodes are allocated to build it.

The transitions involved in these new nodes are printed out.


We start with the single node 0, which is considered active, and set z large and negative.

We have found that a single hidden layer node per about 50 input nodes will satisfy our requirements in imaging applications.

For instance, no single node can recognise the class of images consisting of just one dot anywhere on the retina.

Users can scale the Boss system up from a single node to 456 nodes, to give 114.6GFlops performance.

This approach does not solve the problem of continuity that depends on more than the single preceding node .



The lymph nodes are very painful and can take up to ten days to burst and then exude a thick yellow pus.

When the granulomas infiltrate the root of the lungs, nearby lymph nodes swell and produce the X-ray abnormality your doctor saw.

The percentage of aneuploid tumours increased according to tumour invasion and the development of lymph node metastasis reflecting an increased genomic instability.

It was once thought that cancer from the lymph nodes could be spread to other organs or tissue through the lymph fluid.

Of those cancers that seem to be limited to the prostate clinically, 25-35% will have lymph node metastases.

Certain women with negative lymph nodes , for example, might not need chemotherapy, radiation or hormone treatments following surgery.

Chest and abdominal computed tomography was performed every six months when lymph node or lung involvement was present at the initial staging.

After he died physicians collected and froze samples of his blood and lymph nodes for future study.


As a rule of thumb no source node name should occur in just one link object nor in many link objects.

While often the caption is the target node name , sometimes an attractive caption does not fit the semantic net paradigm.

Printing a section heading as a node name of the semantic net also sometimes seemed inappropriate for the printed form.

An excerpt from the list of source node names which shows some of the most and least frequent names Figure 10.

The study of node names suggests generic, semantic attributes for a book about information systems.



Each node's output in the middle layer is connected to just one node in the top layer.

Nodes are connected to other nodes by links.

A Text Block is associated with the link which connects the two nodes .

The movement between nodes is made possible by activating links, which connect related concepts or nodes.


Fine roots develop from the nodes and the plant develops rapidly and outgrows the tank.

Fine white roots develop from the nodes on the stems.

The penalties indicate developing the up-problem at node 3 next.

In many species, fine white or pinkish roots develop from these nodes .

Then, at each stage, develop the active node with the largest assigned value.

We now develop currently active nodes 9, 10 and 4.

The runners develop roots from the nodes of the stems.


Semantic net infrastructure A semantic network is a graph where natural language terms have been used to label the nodes and links.

Resistors were used for both the nodes and the interconnection synapses.

Also, subscribers can use any Dialplus node instead of having to register their password on each one separately.

Finally any head string which uses the convergent node number must be removed as it is no longer available.

Any tail string which uses the divergent node number is also removed for the same reason.

Words such as aardvark use a number of nodes which are not shared with any other words.


Each link object specifies some source node , link type, target node, pointers to paragraphs, and perhaps other attributes.

Each node's output in the middle layer is connected to just one node in the top layer.

If external input activated any node in the cluster, the cluster activity as a whole could be increased.

It proceeds as follows: Choose random values for all the weights of all nodes.

Such networks are relatively easy to construct because they require fewer nodes and interconnects than other networks.

The now green stem becomes swollen at the nodes rather like bamboo.

These links represent relationships between nodes.

Typically, the net contains many nodes, but each node only has a few inputs: N is quite small.

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