Meaning of PROCESS in English

~ 1 [ 'prəʊsɛs ]

■ noun

1》 a series of actions or steps towards achieving a particular end.

↘a natural series of changes.

2》 Law a summons to appear in court.

3》 Biology & Anatomy a natural appendage or outgrowth on or in an organism.

4》 [as modifier ] Printing relating to or denoting printing using ink in three colours (cyan, magenta, and yellow) and black.

■ verb perform a series of operations to change or preserve.

↘ Computing operate on (data) by means of a program.

↘deal with, using an established procedure.


~able adjective


ME: from OFr. proces , from L. ~us 'progression, course', from procedere (see proceed ).


~ 2 [ prə'sɛs ]

■ verb walk in ~ion.


C19: back-form. from ~ion .

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