Meaning of PROCESS in English

n. & v. --n. 1 a course of action or proceeding, esp. a series of stages in manufacture or some other operation. 2 the progress or course of something (in process of construction). 3 a natural or involuntary operation or series of changes (the process of growing old). 4 an action at law; a summons or writ. 5 Anat., Zool., & Bot. a natural appendage or outgrowth on an organism. 1 handle or deal with by a particular process. 2 treat (food, esp. to prevent decay) (processed cheese). 3 Computing operate on (data) by means of a program. øin process of time as time goes on. process server a sheriff's officer who serves writs. øøprocessable adj. [ME f. OF proces f. L processus (as PROCEED)]

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