Meaning of PROCESS in English

I. noun


a painful process

It was just part of the painful process of growing up.

a review process

We cannot comment until the review process is over.

a transition process/a process of transition

He will deal with any problems that might arise during the transition process.

a transition process/a process of transition

He will deal with any problems that might arise during the transition process.

a word processing program (= one that you use for writing documents )

All word processing programs can check your spelling.

batch processing

central processing unit

creative process

the creative process of writing a poem

data processing (= using computers to store and organize information )

They’ve got a very efficient system for data processing.

data processing

democratic process

the role of the media in the democratic process

developmental process

Higher education is a continuing developmental process .

due process

laborious process/task/business etc

Collecting the raw materials proved a long and laborious task.

the laborious business of drying the crops

parallel processing

process an application (= officially deal with it )

Your application for British citizenship will be processed by the Immigration Service.

process data (= store and organize it using computers )

Newer computers can process data much more quickly.

process of osmosis

He seems to absorb information through a process of osmosis .

processed cheese (= with substances added to preserve it )

production costs/facilities/processes etc

high-tech production methods

reverse a process

We cannot reverse the ageing process.

straightforward matter/task/process etc

For someone who can’t read, shopping is by no means a straightforward matter.

the appeal process

The appeal process could take as long as three years.

the assessment procedure/process

Parents need to feel part of the assessment procedure.

the consultation process/period

an eight-week consultation process

the disarmament process

The disarmament process seems to have come to a halt.

the peace process

Britain is still committed to the peace process.

the process of decay

The natural processes of decay gradually destroys archaeological sites.

the selection process/procedure

Before the selection process begins, candidates need to be clear about what the job entails.




Epic poetry, like sculpture, is an Apolline art, and all such art involves a quite different creative process .

And secondly, that the creative process is not that of the confessional.

All these images were twisted and changed and combined by the creative process of Coleridge's mind into the superb poem.

It is the creative process that gives each its special character.

It is a creative and individual process reflecting the relationship between yourself and the patient.

A multi-dimensional approach has the potential to discover and support creative processes in the local community.

The creative process does not lie in the act of dreaming, but in the communication of a dream.

His creative processes were working all the time, even with technique.


There will be just enough time for some semblance of the democratic process within the party to operate.

What is relevant is what the whole thing is doing to the democratic process .

However, on Aug. 12 Milongo asserted that he was satisfied with the progress of the democratic process .

Little has really changed despite lip service paid to the democratic process .

To improve the effectiveness of democratic processes .

In the coming millennium, Dahl predicted, new telecommunications technology will exert a powerful influence for change on the democratic process .

Best value's framework incorporates the potential for achieving quality service provision underlined by fair, democratic processes .

But many still feel that the prisoners must be released first for a truly democratic process to take place on the island.


Such total contempt for due process of law demands serious sanctions.

Tenured teachers have a property interest in continued employment and therefore are always entitled to due process protections prior to dismissal.

The first was due process in procedure, and the general limitation of official discretion within the criminal justice system.

But that liberty is not guaranteed absolutely against deprivation, only against deprivation without due process of law.

One rationale emphasises the connection between procedural due process and the substantive justice of the final outcome.

Neither Till nor Parker benefited from that due process thing.

Anger at what has been perpetrated and an insistence on due process are the essential combination in dealing with war crimes.

Although most school districts comply with Loudermill, there are cases where courts still find due process violations.


This is hardly surprising as establishing new artists is a costly and lengthy process .

For some, the feeling that they were making progress was all that kept them going through the painful and lengthy process .

It is a lengthy and wearing process .

The new system was developed after a lengthy review process , including consultation with industry leaders and other experts.

Kikkoman Soy Sauce takes its pure and subtle flavour from the lengthy natural fermentation process .

The purchase process for a new house, car, cooker or video recorder may have been a quite lengthy process.

I find this a lengthy process , even Nanette Newman's bubbles don't do the job first time.

Michelle knows all too well how lengthy the legal process can be and she's relieved her case is at last being heard.


One is a primary teacher who was interested in the mental processes of children tackling simple addition.

Also, Piaget did infer the existence of internal mental processes .

More important, the mental processes being studied are still only crudely defined.

William James viewed mental processes as a stream, or river.

I am not, for example, denying that there occur mental processes .

Pros: A great way to temporarily impair mental processes without having to take medication.

Doing long division is a mental process and so is making a joke.

It is a mental process which is so much part of ourselves that it may almost be called instinctive.


Agricultural subsidies and a thoughtless disregard for natural processes are washing away the commonwealth of land, its soils and wildlife.

It is not a deliberate, self-conscious activity, but a natural process that takes place unconsciously.

Sometimes the natural processes of erosion will etch a perfect specimen.

Such abstraction is essential to human understanding, and it has opened up comprehension of natural processes in an amazing way.

Many factors can contribute to thinning hair, including stress, diet, illness and even pregnancy as well as the natural ageing process .

As the natural brewing process has been halted, the beer can not generate its own carbon dioxide.

If this book helps in the selection of remedies to assist the natural healing process then it will have achieved its purpose.

Eventually it will be dispersed by a combination of the natural processes of evaporation and marine bacterial breakdown.


It came about not for economic reasons but as a consequence of complex political processes .

Individuals become participants in the political process , but they do not give up their orientations as subjects or as parochials.

The consequences of the emancipation were to be even more remarkable than the political process from which the statutes emerged.

We are literally starving the political process .

The realist state-centric model may seem least appropriate to analysis of contemporary political processes .

But public doubts about congressional integrity generally, and of the political process as a whole, remain high.

It is the role people play in political processes , not the job they officially hold, that matters in our analysis.

The 1992 political process demonstrated the impact of this dramatic episode on the electoral politics.


This is a slow process normally taking an hour per unit of alcohol.

To the extent that proletarianization is occurring, it may be a long, slow process .

Annealing was the heating and slow cooling process by which the resulting metal was toughened.

Taylor signed for $ 700,000, then started what would become a very slow nurturing process .

The slowest processes come at the top of the hierarchy, and provide the environment for faster processes.

It is important to remember, though, that medical research is an agonizingly slow process .

The slow modification process is quite different.

Even 20 or 30 years ago, finding the fish was a slow process .


There is a danger that a concentration on spatial manifestation masks the realities of social processes , that space itself is fetishised.

This identity and continuity impinged itself upon the social process .

Civil society is constituted by the social relationships and processes outside paid employment and not immediately affected by the state.

The constructionist accounts also stress the central role of language and communication in the social process of knowledge.

From these data it will be possible to examine the social structure and processes that occur within a particular industry.

The three areas can be described as ones of political - religious mediation occurring at different levels of social process .

I am arguing that the process of creating abstractions at the level or shared consciousness - knowledge - is a social process.

Sportsmen are not born: they are made and they are made through social processes .


As we have already said, the whole process is an enormous game of chance.

Some drives come with software that simplifies the whole process .

It is made from fermented soya beans and the whole process of producing the sauce should take at least a year.

The whole process of massage involves yielding to another's care.

This brings us back to the recovery phase and the whole process starts over again.

Or without extending the whole process so that it takes nearly a year to change anything?

From the small gallery above the operating theatre the whole process was obscure, if sickeningly bloody, to the watching Cowley.

The whole process was one of the most tiring and yet satisfying things I have ever done in my life.



And that the Department could make better use of the great store of experience within the teaching profession during the consultation process .

This Secretary of State does not feel the need to go through such a consultation process .

Finally, the consultation process induced us to broaden our proposed provision quite considerably.

As part of its general consultation process , Greater Glasgow health board consulted in respect of its acute services strategy for Glasgow.

This was an attempt to gather the views of people who are often underrepresented in formal consultation processes .

There is a statutory procedure laid down for the consultation process .

We accepted the Secretary of State's invitation to engage in the consultation process which he initiated.

This means time for the consultation process will be short.


In accrediting prior learning , the focus is on the outcomes or achievements of learning and not on the learning process itself.

So the formal stage is an essential step in the learning process .

Adjusting to her style of leadership must have been a learning process for not only the maintenance man.

It's part of the whole learning process .

All teachers are managers, for they have to manage the learning process .

The implications of the National Curriculum on our determination to enliven the learning process are not wholly discouraging.

The exercises outlined here should be regarded as steps in your learning process .

But for everyone, rehabilitation is at least partly a learning process .


According to diplomatic sources, Baker warned that failure to address the charges could derail the peace process .

They can play no part in any inclusive dialogue which can create a genuine peace process .

However, it is ingenuous to suppose that peace process brokers do not have their strategic interests first and foremost in mind.

Divisions over the direction of the Middle East peace process led to the collapse of the coalition government in March 1990.


Thus production processes require careful planning and controlling. 2.

Today industry knows better, and workers are more involved in making decisions about the production processes .

Upper level managers need no longer be geographically close to production processes .

They meet on call to present and analyze recommended improvements of the interaction of the teams or of specific production processes .

Inventions - the discovery of new information about the production process - are a particular example of this general theme.

The intent of the project is to identify those parameters which most affect the production process .

The decision to stop the line is with the employee, as is the decision to review the production process .

They differ mainly in the season of the year when they are made and in the details of the production process .


I think you may have a fundamental flaw in your thought processes .

Might not some essential aspects of quantum theory also be playing crucial roles in the physics that underlies our thought processes ?

Foveal and peripheral awareness Our senses, and our thought processes too, function through centres of energy.

Many people insist that most of their political knowledge is based on their own rational thought processes .

In higher doses it can happen. Thought processes become distorted and you hallucinate.

Just to motivate the thought processes , let me suggest a possible set of goals.

By which is meant that they have developed their ability to focus both senses and mind upon a thought process .

Think about your normal thought processes .



He was very much involved in the process of publication as this account makes clear: It was a spartan regime.

The present government is involved in a process of national reconciliation and is attempting to address the effects of decades of apartheid.

Conveyancing and a Solicitor's Services Numerous people are involved in the moving process .

And he started getting involved in the school process .

This is not to suggest that historians should not be involved in the process .

Some structures that are predominantly involved in the input process are political parties, interest groups, and the media of communication.

Every transition needs to involve a mourning process .

Structures predominantly involved in this process would include bureaucracies and courts.


Local geologists hope the latest earthquake may help to reverse the process .

Only then, after it was too late to reverse the process , did I feel remorse.

Instead of growing up, I had, as it were, grown down, and thus reversed a natural biological process .

Television and its congeners have begun to reverse the process that started with the invention of the printing press.

We can't reverse the process , but we might be able to check it.

On the plus side, weight loss and regular exercise have been shown to reverse this process .

After some education they turn these patterns into print, or reverse the process , turning print into acoustic events.

By keeping a close and constant watch on himself, Quinn was gradually able to reverse the process .


reverse order/situation/process etc

At the bottom of the pile, in reverse order of its importance, was the letter from the bishop.

Cosmologists have supposed that the universe might go into reverse and run through with all its physical laws in reverse order.

In fact we have just suggested the reverse order of development.

The reverse process was used to install the launcher on pedestals at the pad.

The reverse process, therefore, is to consider what we owe to other people.

To take these points in reverse order, the initiation of the student into the rational life should occur in two directions.

Ultimately you are involved in a reverse process of what the historian H underwent while writing the book.

We discuss in reverse order these three ways that languages can have words that share sound and meaning.


an advanced industrial process

The process of applying to a college is often very time-consuming.

the aging process

the human reproductive process


But it is, in a sense, a one-way process .

Clinton even turned snafus in the Northern Ireland peace process into potential political advantage.

He has taken out patents for the process and for the chips.

One process improvement technique, for example, failed to sustain interest.

The bipolar adversary process often involves paying little attention to these wider interests.

The debate will continue over whether this process involves gain or loss.

II. verb




All university applications have to be processed through this system.

It takes an average of nine months to get a green card application processed , officials said.

Thousands of applications are already being processed .


Just to say that claim had been processed at his end, had all relevant documentation, etc.

In San Francisco, new Social Security claims are being processed and benefit checks are being mailed on schedule.


All the input data is then processed to produce the nitrogen application maps.

This notice orders a data user to cease processing personal data immediately.

One of the advantages of list processing is that data can be processed sequentially without the records themselves being stored sequentially.


It is simply more information than they can process .

General Discussion Reaction time increases as a function of the amount of information required to be processed in the brain.

Energy and information are processed by systems and sub-systems.


Customers placing orders and employees processing orders required accurate and informative product descriptions, price quotes, and ordering information.

Resistance merely takes and processes orders here, through the mail and via a slickly designed Web site.

When he got back to his computer he had trouble processing the order .

The new system processes customer orders and communications across more than 135 Schwab offices.


It takes several weeks to process a request before it goes to the mayor.

The truth could be that they are dragging their heels in processing these requests which makes it appear that way.

Most of the time, though, he processed requests to collect radio signals from targeted coordinates.

Data structure containing package and ancestors is empty An unexpected internal error has occurred while processing your request .


Cable shopping channels have installed high-speed, large-capacity computerized systems to process millions of viewers' telephone credit card orders.

The new system processes customer orders and communications across more than 135 Schwab offices.


The opportunity was taken to get further information from customers about volumes and types of transactions being processed at these times.

What is required is a satisfactory balance between technology for enabling secure transactions and the economic processing of these transactions.


Computers have given banks the power to process millions of transactions a day.

It will take four to six weeks to process your loan application.

The milk must be maintained at this temperature until it is processed.

You should allow two weeks for your visa application to be processed.


Distillers scrambled to develop processing techniques that would allow them to carve out their own niches.

Slides were subsequently processed as for tissue sections.

Such information is often laboriously collected by literature-searching and is conventionally processed as text.

That is, until the next day when I started to use the word processing program.

The expanding use of automation may make analysts more productive, allowing them to process more data in less time.

The smelly and difficult business of processing and printing was placed, conveniently out of sight, in the factory.

Unless you desire the whitest possible loaf, unbleached flour is processed less and certainly white enough for white bread.

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