Meaning of SEQUENCE in English


■ noun

1》 a particular order in which related events, movements, etc., follow each other.

↘ Music a repetition of a phrase or melody at a higher or lower pitch.

↘ Biochemistry the order in which amino-acid or nucleotide residues are arranged in a protein, DNA, etc.

2》 a set of related events, movements, etc., that follow each other in a particular order.

↘a set of three or more playing cards of the same suit next to each other in value.

3》 a part of a film dealing with one particular event or topic.

4》 (in the Eucharist) a hymn said or sung after the Gradual or Alleluia that precedes the Gospel.

■ verb

1》 arrange in a ~.

2》 play or record (music) with a ~r.

3》 Biochemistry ascertain the ~ of amino-acid or nucleotide residues in (a protein, DNA, etc.).


ME: from late L. sequentia , from L. sequent- , sequi 'to follow'.

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