Meaning of SEQUENCE in English


/ ˈsiːkwəns; NAmE / noun , verb

■ noun


[ C ] a set of events, actions, numbers, etc. which have a particular order and which lead to a particular result :

He described the sequence of events leading up to the robbery.


[ C , U ] the order that events, actions, etc. happen in or should happen in :

The tasks had to be performed in a particular sequence.

Number the pages in sequence .

These pages are out of sequence .


[ C ] a part of a film / movie that deals with one subject or topic or consists of one scene

■ verb [ vn ]


( technical ) to arrange things into a sequence


( biology ) to identify the order in which a set of genes or parts of molecules are arranged :

The human genome has now been sequenced.

►  se·quen·cing noun [ U ]:

a gene sequencing project



late Middle English : from late Latin sequentia , from Latin sequent- following, from the verb sequi follow.

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