Meaning of SEQUENCE in English



a dance routine/sequence (= a set of movements that are part of a dance )

She was practising a complicated dance routine.

a random sequence

They were asked to memorize a random sequence of numbers.

a series/sequence of events (= related events that happen one after the other )

The incident was the first in a series of events that finally led to his arrest.




In regions where early civilizations had flourished new research and discoveries filled out the chronological sequences .

The predominant motive for writing this type of history is to demonstrate chronological sequence .

Starting in 1993, the label plans to re-release all the Smiths albums on compact disc in chronological sequence .

The chronological patient sequence is divided into blocks of, say four.

Much more is also needed towards the building of a full chronological sequence of the main wares and vessel types.


The correct sequence is shown in Fig. 1 and must be followed, i.e. D1 to pin 3.

This maintains the correct patterning sequence .

The difficulty is that of translating the verbal problem or formula into the correct operations in the correct sequence .

At this stage the model was modified to the correct amino-acid sequence .

If the quality of bottom-up information was good, the algorithm could quickly home in on the correct sequence of words.


Printer echo is controlled with the following key sequences .

For example, the following code sequence would invert the first 20 characters on line 0 starting a column 0.

Fisher imagined the following evolutionary sequence .

In the following sequence we take you through the process and discuss a number of options in the basic set-up.


The content of the programme should follow a logical sequence .

The system illustrated here follows a logical sequence of development resulting in a short-term financial planning and cash budgeting system.

In no way could it conform to my carefully constructed logical building sequence .

When possible list items in order of importance or in terms of logical sequence .

A good letter writer will place in a logical sequence the matter about which he or she intends to write.

These are then linked together in a set logical sequence to teach the beginner continuity of movement.

The documentation for Quattro Pro also features plenty of screenshots, and follows a logical sequence similar to that of SuperCalc.

Maintain a logical sequence of events - a storyline.


The critical path through the network is the longest sequence of activities from the beginning of the network through to the end.

Mr Pialat also shares with Mr Rivette a capacity for shaping and controlling long sequences .

At that point, rather late one night, he and I had the last of a long sequence of talks.

I was able to recall perfectly quite long sequences of words even when I was exposed to each for little more than twenty milliseconds.

The longest sequence of required activities is the time it will take if no adjustments are made.

For certain memorable periods, such as the two world wars, several interconnected vignettes form a longer sequence .


Usually the teacher will use only a short sequence .

He did it anyway, taking short sequences and explaining their meaning as he recited them.

At other times a teacher may wish to use only a very short sequence .

Initially, Paola simply passes into a short bridging sequence and passes out again, like the boy in the cloak.

Mind you, that's just a short sequence they are streaming.

Within a long programme you may find a short sequence which contains exactly what you want for a particular lesson.

Technical deficiencies may irritate, but judicious selection of a short sequence can provide useful evidential material.

The teacher can stop the video, re-run a short sequence , and then freeze on one particular frame.


The whole sequence was over in seconds, but it was breathtaking.

I began to call the whole sequence of events PMSgate.

Repeat the whole sequence twice, then relax.

And then silence again and the whole sequence begins anew.

If you like, the whole sequence could be shot from their point of view.

Living beings comprise a whole sequence of levels forming such a hierarchy.

Lets Watch returns to a viewing of the whole sequence at several points in the suggested sequence of activities.

The whole sequence has taken three seconds.



We wished to demonstrate whether epitopes contained within the amino acid sequence 206-217 of A-gliadin are specific to coeliac toxic cereals.

Comparison of deduced amino acid sequences of the mouse and human TEF-1 proteins.

Corresponding amino acid sequence of AChRa are noted below exon sequences.

Amino acid sequence of the N-Oct 3 and N-Oct 5A and 5B proteins.

Pancreatic and venom PLA2s have been divided into two groups on the basis of the amino acid sequences of the enzyme proteins.

These are protein molecules, which owe their specificity to their amino acid sequence , and hence ultimately to the genes.

Nucleotide and predicted amino acid sequence of the Oct-11 cDNA.

The nucleotide and deduced amino acid sequence of the human ribosomal protein L12 cDNA.


As they bind to similar DNA sequences and associate with the same proteins, they are likely to be closely related.

It is the gradual reorganisation of the genetic program, the software coded into DNA sequences .

Other methods of genetic purification can homogenize a DNA sequence .

Both Myc+Max and Max+Max bind to the same DNA sequence .

Lines up- and underlying DNA sequences delimit the footprints described in the text.

Just one base wrong in a particular DNA sequence may cause a coding error in the protein formed by that gene.

The deduced translation is shown beneath the DNA sequence .

The mouse DNA sequence encoding TEF-1 was 92% homologous with the corresponding human sequence.


Lanes 1, 3 and 5 demonstrate, that there is no influence of the nucleotide sequence on protein methylation.

In itself, the nucleotide sequences are meaningless.

The nucleotide sequence data of parthenogenesis bacteria will appear in Genbank under the following accession numbers.

What genes do is not simply replicate their nucleotide sequences exactly.

Figure 1B shows the nucleotide sequence of its promoter cassette.

Based on nucleotide sequence and amino-acid sequence comparisons, coding segments 7 and 8 seem to represent a partial internal gene duplication.

On the basis of their canonical nucleotide sequences they can be classified as group I introns.

A phylogenetic analysis was performed with five corresponding algal and fungal intron nucleotide sequences .


Comparison between the protein sequences of Drosophila and rat ribosomal protein S2.

Serratus is the most comprehensive, non-redundant protein sequence database available to the protein chemist.

Cameleon provides a powerful interactive graphics interface to protein sequence homology modelling.

It aligns two protein sequences interactively.



This indicates that region 1-110 of RAP30 contains a minimum sequence essential for interacting with RAP74 in vivo.

But our table contains every computable sequence , so our new sequence must be somewhere in the list.

Some long utterances may contain phoneme sequences which only match the intended words.

These were also modified by linker addition soas to contain a BamHI recognition sequence .

The weak positives are unidentified cosmids so far and may contain coding sequences .

The area also contains important sedimentary sequences , and the metamorphic rocks of the Dalradian Super-Group at the Highland Boundary.

Oligonucleotide B contains the ICP4 core sequence and is therefore expected to compete well with the longer ICP4 oligonucleotide.

These synthetic strands contain special marker sequences that indicate the start and end of the message.


Change colour following the sequence of rows in the design.

The application of conservation principles to different kinds of problems usually follows a sequence and thus constitutes a scale of development.

In this second part Engels not only follows Morgan's sequence , he follows Morgan's method concerning three key points.

The system illustrated here follows a logical sequence of development resulting in a short-term financial planning and cash budgeting system.

Again, follow the basic cast-on sequence for two one and insert the comb.

Sally, following the sequence of her notes, begins to respond to the issue of attention-getting.

As well as being simpler, this allows us to follow a historical sequence which leads up to serialism.

One must want to move to the next frame, anticipate the following sequence of color, texture and drama.


A multiple dig, showing the sequence of digs along the burrow.

Textbooks show the sequence of strokes by building up characters in various ways.

To show the sequence of ideas or events.

Naturally the film only showed the sequence once, and having seen it, Wil got up and walked out of the cinema.


Basic computer code consists of sequences of ones and zeros.

The sequence of movements for this particular dance is quite difficult to learn.

The action sequences are the best part of the film.

The chairs are numbered in sequence .

The dance is basically a sequence of steps that you repeat over and over again.

The keys have to be turned in a particular sequence to open the safe.

The report detailed the sequence of events that led to the oil spill.

The system follows a logical sequence .

White, who is doing research on the disease, was able to determine its DNA sequence .

X-rays are taken in rapid sequence to get an image of the arteries leading to the heart.


Anyone whose eye-hand coordination was developed by catching a baseball will suffer repeated death in the combat sequences.

Finally, when all the manipulations are complete, the resulting sequence is fed out again through the slot.

His love of poetic and narrative sequences culminates in the three book designs that dominate the exhibition.

In other words, she may find it difficult to relate sequences of letters to their appropriate pronunciation.

My winning the lottery is improbable, because there are so many sequences of numbers other than mine that could come up.

Since there were 32 subjects, four subjects saw a given sequence .

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