Meaning of Y in English

Y 1

(also y )

■ noun ( plural Ys or Y's )

1》 the twenty-fifth letter of the alphabet.

2》 denoting the next after X in a set of items, categories, etc.

3》 denoting an unknown or unspecified person or thing (coming second after ‘x’).

4》 (usu. y ) the second unknown quantity in an algebraic expression, usually the dependent variable.

↘denoting the secondary or vertical axis in a system of coordinates.


Y 2

■ abbreviation

1》 yen.

2》 N. Amer. informal a YMCA or YWCA hostel.

■ symbol the chemical element yttrium.

Concise Oxford English vocab.      Сжатый оксфордский словарь английского языка.