Meaning of -Y in English

[-y] also -ey adj suffix [ME, fr. OE -ig; akin to OHG -ig -y, L -icus, Gk -ikos, Skt -ika] 1 a: characterized by: full of "blossomy" "dirty" "muddy" "clayey" b: having the character of: composed of "icy" "waxy" c: like: like that of "homey" "wintry"--often with a disparaging connotation "stagy"

2. a: tending or inclined to "sleepy" "chatty" b: giving occasion for (specified) action "teary" c: performing (specified) action "curly"

[2]-y n suffix, pl -ies [ME -ie, fr. OF, fr. L -ia, fr. Gk -ia, -eia] 1: state: condition: quality "beggary"

2: activity, place of business, or goods dealt with "chandlery" "laundry"

3: whole body or group "soldiery" [3]-y n suffix, pl -ies [ME -ie, fr. AF, fr. L -ium]: instance of a (specified) action "entreaty" "inquiry" [4]-y --see -ie

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