Meaning of Y in English


Variant: also -ey

Pronunciation: ē ; in some dialects, esp Brit, Southern, & NewEng, often i but not shown at individual entries

Function: adjective suffix

Etymology: Middle English, from Old English -ig; akin to Old High German - ī g -y, Latin -icus, Greek -ikos, Sanskrit -ika

1 a : characterized by : full of <blossom y > <dirt y > <mudd y > <clay ey > b : having the character of : composed of <ic y > <wax y > c : like : like that of <hom ey > <wintr y > ― often with a disparaging connotation <stag y >

2 a : tending or inclined to <sleep y > <chatt y > b : giving occasion for (specified) action <tear y > c : performing (specified) action <curl y >

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