Meaning of SCHEME in English

< programming > (Originally "Schemer", by analogy with Planner and Conniver ). A small, uniform Lisp dialect with clean semantics , developed initially by Guy Steele and Gerald Sussman in 1975. Scheme uses applicative order reduction and lexical scope . It treats both functions and continuations as first-class objects.

One of the most used implementations is DrScheme , others include Bigloo , Elk , Liar , Orbit , Scheme86 (Indiana U), SCM , MacScheme (Semantic Microsystems), PC Scheme (TI), MIT Scheme , and T .

See also Kamin's interpreters , PSD , PseudoScheme , Schematik , Scheme Repository , STk , syntax-case , Tiny Clos , Paradigms of AI Programming .

There have been a series of revisions of the report defining Scheme, known as RRS (Revised Report on Scheme), R2RS (Revised Revised Report ..), R3RS , R3.99RS , R4RS .

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[IEEE P1178-1990, "IEEE Standard for the Scheme Programming Language", ISBN 1-55937-125-0].


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