Meaning of BROAD in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ brɔ:d ]

adj. & n. --adj. 1 large in extent from one side to the other; wide. 2 (following a measurement) in breadth (2 metres broad). 3 spacious or extensive (broad acres; a broad plain). 4 full and clear (broad daylight). 5 explicit, unmistakable (broad hint). 6 general; not taking account of detail (broad intentions; a broad inquiry; in the broadest sense of the word). 7 chief or principal (the broad facts). 8 tolerant, liberal (take a broad view). 9 somewhat coarse (broad humour). 10 (of speech) markedly regional (broad Scots). --n. 1 the broad part of something (broad of the back). 2 US sl. a young woman. 3 (the Broads) large areas of fresh water in E. Anglia, formed where rivers widen. øbroad arrow see ARROW. broad bean 1 a kind of bean, Vicia faba, with pods containing large edible flat seeds. 2 one of these seeds. Broad Church a group within the Anglican Church favouring a liberal interpretation of doctrine. broad gauge a railway track with a gauge wider than the standard one. broad-leaved (of a tree) deciduous and hard-timbered. broad pennant a short swallow-tailed pennant distinguishing the commodore's ship in a squadron. broad spectrum (of a medicinal substance) effective against a large variety of micro-organisms. øøbroadness n. broadways adv. broadwise adv. [OE brad f. Gmc]

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