Meaning of BROAD in English




a big/broad/wide smile (= when you are very happy )

She had a big smile on her face.

a broad base

The first year of the course aims to provide students with a broad base of knowledge.

a broad/broad-based/wide curriculum (= involving a wide range of different types of subjects )

The school provides a broad curriculum with a rich choice of learning opportunities.

a broad/general category

Our range of programmes come into three broad categories.

a broad/general outline (= the main ideas or parts of something rather than all the details )

The report gives only a broad outline of the company's performance.

a broad/general overview (= concerning the main ideas or parts rather than all the details )

This chapter gives a broad overview of accounting practices in the UK.

a broad/strong/heavy hint (= one that is very easy to understand )

He had dropped a heavy hint that they might get married.

a general/broad approach

Many governments have pursued this general approach to economic policy.

a general/broad concept

The book begins with some general historical concepts.

a general/broad principle

He explained the general principles of the constitution.

a general/overall/broad assessment (= that covers the main features or parts of something, not the details )

The doctor must carry out a general assessment of the patient’s health.

a strong/broad/thick/pronounced accent (= very noticeable )

She spoke with a strong Scottish accent.

a broad Australian accent

a wide/broad grin

‘It was great!’ she shouted, with a wide grin.

a wide/broad range

The Institute organises talks on a wide range of topics.

a wider/broader outlook

Education should give students a wider outlook on life.

a wider/broader perspective

Searching through a variety of sources will give them a wider perspective on their subject.

a wider/broader/larger context (= a more general situation, set of events etc )

It’s important to look at the story in the wider context of medieval Spain.

broad bean

broad consensus (= general )

There is a broad consensus that sport is good for you.

broad jump

broad sweep

the broad sweep of history


The new book has a broader scope.

broad (= including a lot of general ideas )

This is a very broad definition of what poetry is.


a tall man with a broad chest and shoulders

broad/sweeping/gross generalization

a sweeping generalization based on speculation


He was of medium height, with broad shoulders.

broad/wide/full etc spectrum

a broad spectrum of environmental groups

in a general/broad sense

In a general sense, a rapid rate of technological change creates uncertainty.

on a wide/broad/limited front

Schemes of this kind enjoyed success only on a limited front.

the overall/general/broad aim (= that concerns the main aim rather than all the details )

The overall aim of the project is to encourage young people to stay in higher education.

Guided by the general aim of the project, we aimed to reach a number of key objectives.


We crossed the wide River Rhone the following morning.


We looked down on the wide valley below.

wide/broad/good spread of sth

We have a good spread of ages in the department.

a broad spread of investments




The sociology of such developments is at a different and much broader level than that of cultural formations.

Siemens also has used the lessons learned in its apprenticeship programs to reap much broader cost savings.

Indecency is a much broader and more widely used category of offence.

The problem is much broader than that, however.

I want to defend a radically different picture, which takes a much broader historical perspective.

The Catalina Foothills incorporation attempt was based on much broader and more inclusive support, but the same rules apply.

They are also much broader than humans, with big deep chests, massive shoulders and long, powerfully muscled arms.

The investment remains beyond reach for many, but the choices today are much broader and more viable than 10 years ago.



Others pushed out of their specialities into broader areas of business.

The second is the broader area of information about the education authority's policies and arrangements and about the individual school itself.

At this point in the analysis the more narrow focus on production merges with a second broader area of interest.


We had previously gone for a somewhat broader base to the business for perfectly good reasons.

Also, try to sell a broader base of products.


A broader category of 38 gambling stocks has dropped 32 % since the beginning of 1994.

Even the broader categories in which we have traditionally grouped people are breaking down.


I now believe that we needed to build a broader consensus on this important issue before moving forward.


This brings us to consider the broader context of industrial conflict.

General evolution takes place when the broader context itself changes, a process that is both unintentional and willed.

Management control, in its broadest context , is the means by which an organization carries out its objectives effectively and efficiently.

This is isolation and, in the broader context , the notion of what it means to be an island.

The sharp medical edge of her lecture would be blunted towards the end by placing the Black Death in its broader context .

In a broader context , however, these variations have their limits.

Thus as I look at the figures I see the question in a broader context .

I had a broader context than most of the guys who just grew up in the street business.


History has much to contribute to vocational education in both its narrower and broader definitions .

A broader definition of the executive includes not only the chief executive,-but also the entire administrative system.

Other sources, using broader definitions , produce far higher figures.


There is a potentially much broader field of work which could be construed as the sociology of knowledge.

But it is in politics and in the broader field of civilization that the greatest uncertainties arise.

Communication amongst friends includes a much broader field than what is being communicated at that moment.


These trends have to be placed within the broader framework of changes in the total labour force.

However, the commission also subsumes the precautionary principle under a broader framework of risk analysis.

The whole business therefore needs to be seen in the broader framework of how you envisage your future.


On a broader front , I have been impressed by the various initiatives which have been taken locally to manage costs.

It was an effort to roll back federal aid to the poor across a much broader front .


Some committees prefer to concentrate on broader issues of policy and administration.

The broadest issue has to do with the role of government.

President Clinton called attention to the broader issues with his veto of the balanced budget act.

He seems to have little sense of the broader issues involved, political or theological.

The Central Freeway campaign represents a broader issue with a higher profile.

The rest of the chapter explores broader issues of the historical development of the railway system in the two countries.

Both physicians insist, moreover, that the broader issue is one of intimidation.


That lags behind the broader market by nearly 120 percentage points.

In the broader market , decliners edged advancers slightly on volume of nearly 412 million shares.

New York area stocks weathered the decline better than the broader market .

Most are still expecting strong performance of the broader markets , but at a more manageable pace.

In the broader market , declining issues led advances 15-13 on volume of 675 million shares on the New York Stock Exchange.

The Minnesota index did slightly better than the broader market .

Co., plus broader market concerns about earnings.

The broader market outgained the Maryland Index.


That period now covers the year ahead and two succeeding years in broader outline .


Conductors such as Barenboim or Wolfgang Sawallisch, for example, perhaps approach music from a broader perspective .

Using that broader perspective , we did away entirely with centralized pickup and delivery.

He or she must learn to perceive his or her main studies in a broader perspective .

Such links contributed to the development among patients of a broader perspective about themselves and about leprosy.

Taking a broader perspective , Mira remarks on the situation at large.


The final part of the chapter will consider some of the broader policy arguments concerning the scope of review.


An answer to that question might give clues to the broader question of the function of sleep.

The broader question was whether that attitude was legitimate.

Beyond these concerns lie much broader questions about who will benefit.

This task force could examine the broader question of what types of projects should require voter approval.

But before doing so there are some broader questions to consider.

But the diaries raise broader questions too.

This book does not go into such broader questions .


A third problem is how the factors slot into the broader range of financial services provided by the banks.

It was to its urban centers that those interested in a better education and a broader range of opportunities were drawn.


In its broadest sense , politics is about power.

In the broadest sense , there are two such systems: rewarding circuits and punishing circuits.

Political economy in the broadest sense is the study of all these massive problems.

In a broader sense it includes all relatives living together or accepted as a family, including adopted persons.

In return, we assume that society is, in the broadest sense , responsible for everyone in it.

This brings us to the last perspective which has influenced us: the study, in the broadest sense , of personality.


It should shift away from narrow economic and workplace concerns to embrace a broader view .

Too often, these factors prevent an individual from taking a broader view .

This is another reason for the tendency to take a much broader view .


a broader/wider/larger canvas

the Broads

the broad jump


a tall, broad -shouldered man

Can you give me a broad outline of what the speech was about.

He had created a broad consensus among different groups of Americans.

He was six feet tall with broad shoulders and strong arms.

Houston's broad streets

It's only a short course, but it's enough to give you a broad understanding of the subject.

Michigan once provided the broadest welfare benefits in the U.S.

Military officials gave a few broad statements about the bombing raid.

Successful business strategies fall into three broad categories.

the broad plains of lower Mesopotamia

The program is now attracting broader audiences.

There was broad agreement on the issue of equal pay for women.

To say that people are healthier than they used to be is a broad generalization -- the reality is a little more complex.

We drove down the broad tree-lined avenue.


But habeas corpus is in fact a federal civil proceeding, where much broader rules apply.

It is more interesting to classify strategies according to certain categories, and examine the success of these broader divisions.

President Clinton called attention to the broader issues with his veto of the balanced budget act.

The broader tradition is a typically nationalist one, seeing national liberation through war as honourable and singularly justified.

The decline partly reflects a broader downturn in global stock markets.

The teacher may come to comprehend a broader vision of the world.

This is a larger block set between the arch and the capital to provide a broader supporting top for the arcade above.

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