Meaning of CHIMNEY in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ ˈtʃɪmnɪ ]

n. (pl. -eys) 1 a vertical channel conducting smoke or combustion gases etc. up and away from a fire, furnace, engine, etc. 2 the part of this which projects above a roof. 3 a glass tube protecting the flame of a lamp. 4 a narrow vertical crack in a rock-face, often used by mountaineers to ascend. øchimney-breast a projecting interior wall surrounding a chimney. chimney-piece an ornamental structure around an open fireplace; a mantelpiece. chimney-pot an earthenware or metal pipe at the top of a chimney, narrowing the aperture and increasing the up draught. chimney-stack 1 a number of chimneys grouped in one structure. 2 = sense 2. chimney-sweep a person whose job is removing soot from inside chimneys. [ME f. OF chemin÷e f. LL caminata having a fire-place, f. L caminus f. Gk kaminos oven]

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