Meaning of CHIMNEY in English




chimney breast

chimney pot

chimney stack

chimney sweep

unblock a toilet/drain/chimney etc




And a tall chimney with smoke coming out.

The tall chimneys perfect its proportions.

He compared it with the scheme 30 years ago when Britain built tall chimneys to disperse pollution over a wide area.

Around the margins of the hill, the termites construct tall , thin-walled chimneys which stand out from the sides like ribs.

A tall chimney above the heating plant and workshops made it look rather like a factory under guard.

Most villages had a sugarmill with a tall , slender chimney , or a modest watermill.



Nothing remains but the brick chimney and stone porch.

Like the new benches that were made, or the new brick chimney for the stove.


The most commonplace metonymic index of industry - the factory chimney - is also metaphorically a phallic symbol.

Everyone was looking ahead, where a stick of black smoke stood on the horizon like a factory chimney .

Look for a factory chimney cloud - or a wisp of smoke curling across the sky; that will be brent geese.

At the bus stop the breath of the queue is like a row of factory chimneys .

You can see the smoke from a factory chimney or the oil slick menacing your favourite beach.


In style Brick House almost resembled Charleston, but more cottagey, with Staffordshire ornaments on the chimney piece .

The marble chimney piece of the saloon.

With its low ceiling, bookcases at both ends and plain grey-marble chimney piece , the room combined comfort and dignity.


The wind still howled through the chimney pots and rattled through the cracks of the window frames.

The mortar securing the chimney pot would have to be replaced, along with the pot.

Two marble top wash-stands made £235; a pair Victorian chimney pots , £110 and an oak and marble sideboard, £300.

Features include two old chimney pots and a sundial.

When he left, she gave him two chimney pots , which had previously been on her house.

But before any type of chimney pot is fitted, check the condition of the flue.

Starlings, blundering among the chimney pots , precipitate small avalanches over their tails.


White chimney smoke is the traditional signal that a new pope has been chosen.


Due to high winds the chimney stack became unsafe.

There are the inevitable baking ovens beside powerful chimney stacks and meat hooks hanging from kitchen and scullery ceilings.

The chimney stack was too high to consider pushing it down, so I had to try fishing it out.

Then my torch showed up streaks of water running down the chimney stack .

Above the kitchen chimney stack , the sky quavers on a high inaudible note.

Every room has a fireplace and the double chimney stack rises through the steeply-pitched hipped roof.

Nearly falling off the roof in fright, Hilary grabbed frantically at the chimney stack to keep her balance.


She might even ring the chimney sweep .

Neighbors had complained that months went by and one never saw a chimney sweep .

That would not have been a risk incidental to the trade of chimney sweep .



Smoke rose from several chimneys , straight blue columns in the still air, signs of habitation.

That smoke rising from the chimney , for example, has never heard of time, space, qualities, or quantities.

A big house, with no smoke rising from the chimneys .

He fanned the coals with the pad till the ashes rose up the chimney and the flames jumped.


Smoke drifted from a chimney .


Check chimney flues and heating equipment in summer and do maintenance, make repairs or replace an outmoded system.

Half way down the row of chimneys is the well.

Remember your load-bearing walls and chimneys from the roof inspection?

She is preoccupied with the chimney opposite her balcony, against which a shape is leaning.

Smoke poured from the central chimney , the rich, black coal smoke from the furnace.

White chimney smoke is the traditional signal that a new pope has been chosen.

You don't need a chimney of those proportions nowadays.

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